#NCSEN: Apparently, what was BAD for Liddy Dole is O-KAY for Kay

haganDemocrats in DC and in Raleigh are working overtime to pull Senator Sock Puppet’s chestnuts out of the fire. They’ve put out this spin about Kay Hagan being one of the most moderate voices in DC — because she only votes with Barry Obama 96 percent of the time.  Over at The N&O, John Drescher’s shih-tzu ran with that spin like it was a little rubber ball.

My, how times change.  In 2008, when state senator and Democrat US Senate nominee Kay Hagan was running against incumbent Republican Elizabeth Dole,  ol’ Kay had this to say: 

“It is time for someone to reach across party lines and finally get something done in this country. Voting 92 percent of the time with the president, whether you support him or not, doesn’t work here in North Carolina.”

That line got a lot of repetition in 2008.  The media lapdogs ate it all up.  They took it very seriously.  Now, we have an incumbent voting with her president 96 percent of the time.  

Apparently, in 2008, voting 92 percent of the time with the president didn’t “work here in North Carolina.”  Does 96 percent  “work here in North Carolina” in 2014?

Let us know, Kay.