#ncpol: Walker vs. Tillis ????


Mark Walker  is the latest  name being thrown about by folks who really want to see special-interest-cash-whore Thom Tilli$$$ move on to do something else:


Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) is under fire from conservative activists for supporting a Democratic effort to block President Trump’s emergency declaration to fund his border wall.


The activists have also raised Tillis’s legislation to shield special counsel Robert Mueller from any interference by Trump.

Some county GOP party leaders are openly calling for Tillis to face a primary challenge.


And while House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), a Trump loyalist, told The Hill he has no plans to run for the Senate, another conservative Trump ally, Rep. Mark Walker (R-N.C.), may heed the call.


When “you have a Republican president, you expect your Republican senators to follow suit,” said Diane Parnell, the chairwoman of the Rockingham County Republican Party. “The state of North Carolina elected him to go to Washington, D.C., and support our conservative values. We want this immigration problem fixed. We want him to support our president. And we want America to remain a great country.


Parnell said she has personally urged Walker to get in the race and hopes that he takes the plunge. Walker “is the one person who has kept his promises, the one person we can depend on, and the one person who if he primaries Tillis can win.”


In an interview, Walker, a 49-year-old Baptist preacher, confirmed that he is exploring a Senate bid in North Carolina at some point.


Walker could run in 2022 to succeed retiring Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C.), but he said he “won’t rule out” a challenge against Tillis next year.[…]


News like this may explain a lot about why Tillis did THIS:

Tillis’s reversal resulted in a praise-filled press release from another guy in serious danger of losing his job  — NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes.  

Oh, and how about THIS little extra nugget:

[…] Walker also confirmed he put out a poll last month to measure the name recognition and favorability of every member of the North Carolina congressional delegation — a move Republicans viewed as a step toward a Tillis primary. The poll showed Meadows had the greatest name ID, followed by Walker.[…]

14 thoughts on “#ncpol: Walker vs. Tillis ????

  1. I was not thrilled when Congressman Walker reneged on his pledge not to support Boehner. However that was one vote. It seems that every time an important vote comes up in the Senate, Sen. Tillis has to be reminded that he is a registered Republican and should vote accordingly. My vote would most definitely go to the Congressman in a primary and I would certainly vote for him in November. Should Senator Tillis name be on the ballot in November I would have to consider my options.

  2. Tillis is a moderate liberal, rating only 37% conservative on the authoritative Conservative Review Scorecard. North Carolina needs to do better than that. I remember when we had real Senators like Jesse Helms, John East, and Lauch Faircloth.

    Walker would be a huge improvement over Tillis, although, I like Mark Meadows better.

  3. He should not get off the hook for changing his vote at the last min. You can be sure if it was his vote hinged on his one vote the situation would be different. He already did enough damage speaking against the president for what at least 2 weeks now

    #TomTheTerribleTillis needs to be reprimanded and denounced by the 2019 NCGOP state convention delegates

  4. Looks like he blinked on the vote. Even he sees how enraged conservatives were at his position. Turn up the heat, they see the light.

  5. Tillis may win the primary, but………….he cannot win the general election. Too many voters are already unhappy with him. This leopard cannot change his RINO spots.

  6. His vote was nothing more than political posturing. He was getting heat from back home and once he determined they had enough votes to block President Trump, he voted to support the President. What a bunch of horsesh*t.

    Never forget, it was Thom Tillis who singlehandedly killed ALL strict illegal immigration enforcement measures in NC back in his Speaker of the House days.

    He has ALWAYS been a RINO and nothing is going to change that now.

    I hope Walker DOES primary Tillis. I will do everything in my power to get him elected.

    Tillis has done enough damage. It is time for him to go!

  7. I hope Mark Walker primaries Tillis. He’d have grassroots support, who are fed up with Tillis!

  8. I don’t care what Tillis does. He’s not to be trusted and obviously has no principles that can’t be influenced or bought. I knew that when he ran. That’s why I supported Brannon,

    1. Sign up for his weekly email and/or check out his Facebook post. I write him often. If it’s something coming up soon, I call his district office.

  9. Tillls is exactly what he has always been- a progressive. As speaker , he brought in Obamacare exchanges, funded common core, supports foreign companies owning toll roads ; built by taxpayers, illegal immigration, solar energy mandates, etc, etc , etc. As senator, funded planned parenthood, wants to have federal “practical gun laws”, support multinational trade deals that support his lobbyists, etc , etc, etc…

    He knows, his constitutional oath is as worthless as his word. And it does not matter, at the end of the day, he will get the votes he needs.

    In 2014, when it was just him and myself , we were destroying him in the polls. Suddenly the GA change primary victory from 50% to 40% , and every , “ so called conservatives “ entered the race. Why would they get in, when we were ahead of Tillis? Standard game plan from establishment, divide the antiestablishment vote , by dividing and control.; then conquer.

    I would have loved a one on one with the progressive Tillis, they wouldn’t stand for it.

    I hope Liberty and Freedom will eventually win this battle, but the progressives will never stop. The question is , will we?

    1. They have made it worse this time. Woodhouse and Hayes pulled a sneaky dirty trick and asked the legislature to reduce it to 30% so they can play divide and conquer even more in the Senate race, and that also could impact the special House primaries. Woodhouse and Hayes did not even tell any party policy making committees that they were going to the legislature to do that, allegedly on behalf of the party. Such corrupt and highhanded “leadership” of the party needs to be replaced.

      A 30% nominee is a freakin’ joke with NO credibility or real party stamp of approval. Tillis is an example of the garbage we get with 40% nominees, and a 30% standard will make it even worse.

      We need to go back to majority nominees in primaries OR change to nominating by convention.

  10. Tillis needs to go! Visit his office if you want to watch CNN. You won’t get to see or talk with him since he hides from constituents. He has long since worn out his NC welcome! Vote him out of office. He was not good for NC as Speaker nor is he doing a good job representing NC values in Washington. He is a cash hog!

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