NC-03: Joan & Michele in the BIG city


Our moles are everywhere.  Including our nation’s capital.

Word got back to us today that two of the leading ladies in the Third Congressional District race —  Thom Tillis and Mike McIntyre fan Joan Perry and former NCGOP vice chairman Michele Nix — were in Washington, DC today trolling the swamp for special interest dollars.

Both women were seen schmoozing with various lobbyists.  One mole told us of seeing Nix in a common area of The Capitol Hill Club:

“She was looking a little depressed.  She was talking a lot to a blonde sidekick who appeared to be trying to console her.”

1 thought on “NC-03: Joan & Michele in the BIG city

  1. With the support of swamp liberal Scott Dacey, it looks like weak on immigration Joan Perry is trying to hoover up the same liberal special interest money that backed Dacey. We do not need to let these liberal special interests buy our Congressional seat.

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