#ncpol: Thilli$$$ defends BIG SOLAR (but NOT Trump or our southern border)

If you thought the for-sale GOPers in Raleigh were awfully comfy in bed with the solar goons, get a load of what’s going on with our, um, “representation” in DC: 

Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Friday defended U.S. installers of rooftop solar panels and made an effort to beat back a pending decision that could make imported solar panels more expensive.Bipartisan letters from 16 senators and 53 congressman were sent to International Trade Commission Chairman Rhonda Schmidtlein, and urged the agency to reject a petition by Chinese and German-owned companies that manufactured solar panels and cells in the U.S., but have since gone bankrupt.

 The two foreign-owned companies that produced in the U.S. were seeking protection from imports that they say is hurting U.S.-based manufacturing. But the lawmakers wrote in their letters that imposing duties on these imports would only increase costs for domestic companies that install rooftop solar panels.

“Solar companies in our states believe the requested trade protection would double the price of solar panels,” the Senate letter read. “Increasing costs will stop solar growth dead in its tracks, threatening tens of thousands of American workers in the solar industry and jeopardizing billions of dollars in investment in communities across the country.”

Sens. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., and Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., spearheaded the letter writing campaign on the Senate side. […]

In the NC House, Thilli$$$ was a leader in the successful 2007 effort to bless us here in North Carolina with the “renewable energy” portfolio of mandates and subsidies, which resulted in a boost for the solar industry and the jacking-up of all our utility bills.Thilli$$$’s political rabbi — his top political adviser — is Paul Shumaker, the same consultant who convinced the General Assembly Republicans to go all-in on subsidizing and mandating solar energy.

According to Conservative Review, Thilli$$$ is currently the most liberal Republican representing North Carolina in Washington  

Thilli$$$ has recently drawn criticism from conservatives for: pooh-poohing the idea of a wall on the Mexican border, promoting amnesty for illegal aliens, and aiding the Democrat effort to topple the president via special prosecutor, among other things.

11 thoughts on “#ncpol: Thilli$$$ defends BIG SOLAR (but NOT Trump or our southern border)

  1. Everyday I hate him more. I chastise myself for supporting him. Fooled me once. Never again.

  2. Tilli$ reminds me of comments of General Franco in the Spanish Civil War during his campaign against a socialist held city. “I have four columns marching on the city and a fifth column ready to rise up inside it.” Franco declared. Since then, the term ”fifth column” has meant the traitors within. Thom Tilli$ is part of the Democrat fifth column in Congress.

    Tilli$ is truly Kay Hagan without the skirt. But with his avid support of the LGBT crowd, especially of men who want to go into women;s restrooms and showers, maybe he does sometimes wear a skirt in private or at least wants to. Maybe he will be the next Bruce Jenner.

    It is well known that Tilli$ wants to run for governor in 2020. We must all rally behind Dan Forest to get a real Republican in the governor’s mansion. Between Tilli$ and Soros flunky Roy Cooper, there would be no really good choice, but Cooper might even be the lesser of the evils, hard as that is to imagine. We don’t need to sink to that point. We need to help Dan Forest get the nomination.

  3. Tillis is history. He is a total fraud on the NC GOP voters who put him in office. He clearly has no plans to run again. He is just going to use the remainder of his term to set himself up as a rich Washington lobbyist for the GOP and Democrat Establishment. Folks, we were had.

  4. Tillis is now the Poster Boy for a #DefundTheGOP movement. But need to lay some ground work. Start by re-registering as Unaffiliated. Take both your vote and your dollar support out of their column. Tie each failing GOPe candidate to Tillis, who is leading them down the NC delegation down path to destruction.

  5. Tillis is not running for office anymore. He is running as hard as he can for K Street. He is ingratiating himself with the Establishment the same as Burr. Both are building their nest and could care less about the Country or North Carolina.

    1. This I believe. He can’t be so stupid as to not be aware of how politically toxic he’s become in NC. More likely, he’s working to turn his seat over to Phil Berger, who will then be his partner for facilitating taxpayer dollars into the coffers of his K Street clients.

  6. We do not need solar until it can stand on its own two feet- WITHOUT a “spinning reserve” of coal, gas, or nuclear for those occasional “dark periods” we call… NIGHT. I cannot vote for this Thilli$$$ boob, and I will not vote for a Democrat, so if there’s no primary I’ll leave that race BLANK on the ballot.

  7. The more an industry is subsidized the more it can afford to purchase elected officials like Tillis. Solar will ultimately provide a viable source of supplement for power. Currently it is a huge scam being funded by loot stolen from the working men and women of this state and nation.

    1. Why can’t we (the NC General Assembly with our moral support as conservative citizens) construct strategic and economic constraints on NC’s influential lobbyists to reduce their power and thereby reduce much of the cancer that is keeping our legislators from doing their job for freedom we need them to do? If we can make lobbying less attractive maybe our career politicians will turn to some other line of work when they are done playing at being statesmen thereby causing less damage.

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