Folwell: Inaction on ObamaCare about to make things more expensive for NC-ians

Congressional Republicans were all gung-ho about throwing out ObamaCare when Obama was around. He was going to veto anything they did.  Now, that they own the federal government, a bunch of GOP feet have gotten very cold.

Congressional Republicans recently failed at “repeal and replace,”  just repealing, and even just getting rid of the individual mandate and the taxes.  North Carolina treasurer Dale Folwell has an ominous warning for taxpayers about what he sees happening if congressional Republicans drop the ball on killing ObamaCare:

[…] North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell noted that if Congress does not eliminate the health insurance tax, Medicare Advantage plans in the state would increase by 30 percent in 2018. In North Carolina, the state would save roughly $45 million if Congress eliminated the tax. In North Carolina alone, the HIT tax could impact 843,724 small businesses and 1,600,000 workers. […]

Folks, if you’re still working, YOU will be paying this bigger bill.

President Trump and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell have been exchanging some very public words about Capitol Hill’s failure to act on seven years of campaign promises to repeal ObamaCare.  McConnell accused Trump of having “excessive expectations.”  Trump’s response?: