#ncpol: Taking money from the hand attached to the mouth that regularly BITES YOU.

We’ve written before about a politically-connected, well-moneyed PAC that has philbsucceeded in orchestrating a leftist takeover of local Lee County political institutions.   They knocked off a conservative legislator and took control of the Sanford city council and the Lee County board of commissioners. 

It was especially shocking to see some of the same architects of that leftist takeover behind an October fundraiser for Republican governor Pat McCrory in October.  On top of that, we’re finding out that senate president pro tem Phil Berger has been cozying up on multiple occasions to one of those Lee County leftists.

Sources in Lee County tell me Berger was spotted last week in Lee County meeting with Kirk Bradley, a Democrat Chapel Hill resident who owns a business in Lee County.  Recipients of Bradley’s donations, prior to McCrory, have included former congressmen Bob Etheridge (D) and Heath Shuler (D).  Sources tell me Bradley has a reputation locally as a prolific fundraiser.

I am told by local sources this was not the first meeting for Berger and Bradley.  Local sources tell me that Bradley — again, a Democrat and Orange County resident — appears to have an unusually high level of influence with the Republican powers-that-be in Raleigh.  I am told that local nominees for state appointments are regularly run by Bradley for approval.

Coincidenta32b1bb6lly — I am sure — top Berger lieutenant Chad Barefoot (R-Franklin County) was dispatched to Lee County in April  to meet with Bradley about taking Bradley’s pet project statewide.    Barefoot was the chief sponsor in the Senate of legislation forming NC Works — a statewide version of Bradley’s Central Carolina Works.

Rather interesting for a senator from Franklin County to take such a great interest in a project originating in Lee County.  (Barefoot does not represent Lee County.)