#ncga: GOP senators doing BIG business (out of state!)

big spenderIt’s not unusual to hear politicians bloviate about helping local businesses.  That’s why it’s incredibly interesting to see all of these North Carolina politicians shoveling MILLIONS of dollars off to a Louisiana advertising agency.

Innovative Advertising of Mandeville, Louisiana appears to be quite plugged in to conservative politics in The Bayou State.  (Their client list also includes some politicos in Texas.) But it is interesting to see how many North Carolina connections show up on the 17 year old firm’s client list.  According to the firm’s web site The North Carolina Senate Republican Caucus is a client, as are the following North Carolina senators: Phil Berger, Chad Barefoot, Wesley Meredith, John Alexander, Tom Apodaca, Tom Mcinnis, Michael Lee, and Bill Cook.

It’s not unusual for politicians to hire ad agencies when running for reelection.  What is shocking is to see HOW MUCH money these Republicans are sending to Louisiana.

Bill Cook reports sending a grand total of $571,000 to Innovative Advertising.

Chad Barefoot reports sending a grand total of $953,000 down to the Louisiana admen. (You may remember the $800,000-plus “gift” from the state GOP to Barefoot in 2012, while several Council of State campaigns were cash-moneycountstarved.)  Wesley Meredith reported paying the La. firm a grand total of $770,310.

John Alexander reported paying Innovative Advertising $269,750. Tom Apodaca reported spending a mere $12,650 with the firm.  (He got off cheap. That’s not even matching Jason Saine’s clothing bill.) 

Tom Mcinnis reported spending $220,661.79 with the Louisiana firm.   Michael Lee reported spending $247,750 with Innovative Advertising. 

The Louisiana firm’s connections to North Carolina Republicans don’t appear to stop there.  Blinking’ Chris and his posse have tied Innovative Advertising to a web site promoting senator Berger’s tax plan AND those banjo ads promoting the reelection of state Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby.  The Louisiana firm also worked with our buddy Dallas Woodhouse on Phil Berger, Jr.’s 2014 campaign for Congress. 

It’s a shame that there aren’t ANY advertising firms within the state of North Carolina.  (Look at the business opportunities!)