#ncpol: Primaries, primaries, and primaries

On this site, and elsewhere, we spend a lot of time griping about Washington. You can’t fix the Democrats.  We’ve wiped out all of them we possibly can in our state’s congressional delegation.  Our only option left is to clean, um, “House” on the right flank. tea

We’ve got quite a few choices this March.  Republican congressional incumbents have primary opponents in the Second, Third, Fifth, Sixth, and Ninth congressional districts.

In the Second,  incumbent Renee Ellmers is facing a challenge from Jim Duncan, Frank Roche, and Kay Daly.  There is smoking hot talk out there right now that  deep-pocketed Hoke County businessman Tim D’Annunzio will make it a five-some in mid to late November. 

In the Third, incumbent Walter Jones is facing a challenge from Phillip Law and a rematch with 2014 opponent Taylor Griffin. 

In the Fifth District, incumbent Virginia Foxx is facing a challenge from Tea Party activist Pattie Curran. 

Over in the Sixth, rookie Mark Walker is facing a primary challenge from Kenn Kopf and Chris Hardin.

The Ninth is interesting. We all know about Robert Pittenger’s legal problems.  This race COULD become a primary, or — should Pittenger have to step down — an empty seat vote124with an uncontested GOP primary.  Charlotte area attorney George Rouco has announced his interest in the district’s GOP primary for US House.

The US Senate race could also be interesting.  The well-funded incumbent, Richard Burr, has two primary challengers:  former judge Paul Wright and Greensboro businessman Larry Holmquist. 

A lot of these primary challengers don’t have the name ID or the dollars or the organization the incumbents have.  If you’re truly sick of how Washington has been working, and want to see something different, check these folks out.  Do some research. Talk to the campaigns.  If you like what you see, donate your time or your money.  Host events for the candidates.  

Sitting around complaining is one thing.  Actually working hard to make a difference is another.  Put your money — and your time — where your mouth is.

11 thoughts on “#ncpol: Primaries, primaries, and primaries

  1. The untold truth of this article is that not all representatives should be replaced. Walter Jones is a true conservative fighting to keep his seat in a party that has all but abandoned him. When will the GOPe realize he is one of the good guys? If they are looking for GOPe-types to replace, look instead to George Holding (D13) and Renee Ellmers (D2). They have done far more damage to our liberty and freedom.

  2. The 2014 elections (known as the “mid terms”), was a landslide, across the board. Republicans kicked butt, not just in the House and the Senate, but in the state and individual county elections. I’m told that North Carolina got it’s first “All Republican” legislature in 40 years, plus, a Republican governor.
    And of course, the consensus was that the landslide was meant to put a stop to Barack Hussein Obama, and his “fundamental transformation” (translate: destruction) of America, (formerly the greatest country on the face of the earth).
    Why, they were going to repeal Obamacare (which is self-destructing all by itself), stop Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Amnesty for illegal aliens (who are currently flooding across our southern border), defund the Femi-Nazi ghouls at Planned Parenthood from harvesting and selling baby parts, and stop Obama’s down-sizing of our military (including the US Navy).
    And what has been the result? We see the drunken John Boehner and The Wuss Mitch McConnell (and all of the Republican weenies in both houses of Congress) bending over and grabbing their ankles for Hussein.
    Now we’re told, Boehner (in a rare moment of sobriety) is going to get on his knees for Obama – one more time, and pass a 2 year budget, and raise the debt ceiling (yet again). As Boehner bends over for the last time, it’s unknown if Obama will wear a condom.

    1. Legitimate and non rhetorical question: What happens if we don’t pass the debt ceiling bill besides defaulting on debt?

      1. The truth is that we will NOT default on the debt, at least not for quite some time. Just like a ”government shutdown” is really not much of a shutdown. Most agencies stay open. One that would mostly close is the EPA, which would be a very good thing.

  3. Virginia Foxx is a 72 yr old 6 term incumbent that needs to retire, but since she won’t go willlingly we need to $upport Pattie Curran. She is working her butt off walking and writing letters but needs every one in the state to be donating to her campaign. Please help today.

  4. really doesn’t matter. If Rubio Kasich or maybe Cruz are our nominee we can win. Trump whom I like or Carson would be a disaster on election day and the Dems will take the GA as Republicans are looking at 10 plus leaving and moderates targeted. Its a perfect storm. If we don’t rally as the governing majority all we will have is the satisfaction of being right.. and of course the other half will consider themselves right for a whole different reason. Long term division will continue. Our budget was 21 billion something. Under Dems it would be 24 and we’d all be in worse shape. Taxes and regulation would be greater. voter fraud and earned income tax fraud would come back. So much more.. lets keep the eye on prize.

    1. Kasich? The only difference between him and Hillary is that one wears a skirt and the other doesn’t, at least that we know of. He and Rubio are also in league with Obama, George Soros, and the left on amnesty for illegal aliens, as indeed is Paul Ryan, and that is an issue that would destroy the Republican Party and the country. The four million Republican voters who stayed home for Mittens would be but a drop in the bucket compared to those who would stay home for that pair. Cruz can excite the base and articulate the issues like Reagan to get the ticket splitters, so he can win. I would take my chances on Carson or Trump long before I would liberal establishment losers like Kasich or Rubio.

      By ”the governing majority” I guess you are using the Obamedia’s Orwellian definition of ”governing” to mean selling out to Obama, and, no, going with them is going to leave a lot of disgusted GOP voters sitting home on election day .

      When you are talking about the General Assembly, just substitute Tim Moore for John Boehner / Paul Ryan. The only bright spot is that in the State Senate, Berger at least does not act like that sell out hack McConnell.

      1. .Cmon man Kasich isn’t my favorite either. Don’t agree with him or Rubio for that of matter on immigration or in Kasichs case expansion of Medicaid but I obviously have more faith than yourself. Look Kasich helped balance the budget in Congress and increased revenues by 10 billion in Ohio… getting that state out of debt. You may not like him but that’s an accomplishment not a chance incident. This country needs that particular skill set right now. Rubio is generally conservative though as you say not enough… but he’s light years better than Hillary.

        1. Kasich ”increased revenues” by raising taxes, not something a real Republican does. There is so much wasteful spending to cut. The Kasich running Ohio is much different than the one who once sat in Congress. It is like Jekyl and Hyde.

  5. I respectfully disagree, Peter. A Trump-Carson ticket would blow The Hildabeast out of the water.
    Kasich is polling at around 2%, and he should see the writing on the wall, and get the hell out. Granted, he’s done a great job in Ohio, but he just ain’t catchin on. Neither are Huckabee, Jindal, (or the ultimate limp dick) Lindsey Graham.
    I like Marco Rubio. I would have no problem voting for him. I also like (grandes bolas) Ted Cruz, who is one of the few senators to go against limp dick Mitch McConnell and the Republican weenies in the senate.
    But the drift I’m getting is that Americans voters are against “the establishment” types, because we can see how they have screwed everything up.
    Americans are also sick and tired of Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America, and his stagnant economy, as we watch illegal aliens flood into every part of this country.
    So, maybe it’s time to try some “outsiders” like Trump & Carson. Hell, they can’t do any worse job than those idiots in Washington!

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