#ncpol #ncgop: Saving Dallas & Dave

monkeyIt’s early and the monkey business has already begun in High Point.  The powers-that-be in the NCGOP are meeting there right now.  Two of the biggest issues on their agenda: removing state Rep. David Lewis from his RNC role, and a vote of no confidence against state party executive director Dallas Woodhouse.

Sources on-site tell me that the party’s central committee, meeting in closed session, has settled on THIS plan of action.  The legal counsel will rule both motions — the Lewis and Woodhouse matters — out of order.

At that point, a two-thirds vote will be required to move either measure forward.

Stay tuned. 

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  1. Michele Nix was removed from the central committee meeting for refusing to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

    1. As she should be removed. She has had four months to sign it. Did they pass the 2016 budget yet?. The Budget is the most important if we plan on winning 2016.

      1. Do you not think that the central committee should be transparent with the ExComm since the central committee operates under the ExComm? If they would report to ExComm as they should, a nondisclosure agreement would not be necessary. If they don’t want the info on the DH, then tell the ExComm what’s going on. As things stand, they as a group oppose much that the ExComm is trying to accomplish.

        1. This party operates in the BLACK and I thought Jim Black was the only BLACK SHEEP. Too bad this party is just as crooked as the the other party or the other party taught this party. NOT A DIMES WORTH OF DIFFERENCE IN EITHER PARTY. AND A DIME IS NOT WORTH A WOODEN NICKLE.

        1. Here is the thing the people in charge are too AFRAID to allow the PEOPLE in the room the proper amount of time to look over and analyze the budget. They seem to think that if the Democrats or the Public some how get a hold of the budget then we will loose elections and if this is the case then our Party Platform must mean very little because we fight for of government to be open and honest and have transparency and be above reproach but the people in control of the party do not see to think this is important

          I do not have this view. My view is that the BODY in charge of PASSING the budget needs to have full access too it to look over and have conversations about it with proper time allowed before a vote it held.

          I attempted the make this point but the majority in the room did not agree and I cannot do anything about that but at least I know I tried to add transparency and honesty to the process. I really wish some others in the room would have given me a little back up

          All I know is people donating money should ask more accountability because the committee that passed the budget did not get to vet it properly in my opinion

          1. Don’t you wonder if a big part of the reason that so many on the ExCom chose not to make the voluntary contribution of ”dues” they always ask for is the contempt by the powers that be in refusing to let the ExCom meaningfully exercise its duty to examine and approve the budget? Some that stay silent on such matters in the meeting may be voting with their wallets. There are plenty of worthy candidates and organizations to contribute to, so why give to one that treats its own ExCom like dirt in carrying out its powers?

  2. Took them hour and half to approve agenda and were almost 20 minutes late getting started and still added late arrival

  3. What a cluster, please keep the updates coming for us little people on the outside looking in

  4. Where in the State Plan of Organization does it state that all members of the Central Committee and/or the Ex Comm are to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement? Nowhere. Seems more as a way to force compliance of keeping your mouth shut. Transparent. Right. Supposedly other things have managed to leak out over the years and with this paper the Committee can legally toast you.
    However, if the people at the top of this pyramid are supposed to be our most trusted… they should not need to sign such a form. They should be above and beyond reproach. If there is a breach in some fashion there are ways to find out the source and take appropriate actions. Why instead treat everyone like first graders?
    Their way is reminds me of my childhood in catholic school where the whole class was punished and had to stay after school if one child misbehaved. How many parents nowadays are all in on this kind of treatment? it didn’t make me respect the nuns if I didn’t do wrong. In fact, it gave me nightmares and infuriated my Mom to the point that she took removed me after two years, and believe me, I’m no baby. Such actions weren’t justified then, and aren’t so now. Same application here with our Central Committee. Juvenile and another way to force control. Transparent and trustworthy? Hardly.

    1. If a central committee member is going to do his or her job properly, they need to be communicating with other party leaders – county chairmen, ex com members, party candidates, and GOP activists about the business of the central committee and this gag order or gag agreement prevents that. The central committee does not need to be an incestuous inward-looking body although the ruling clique seems to think so.

      1. if the chair and vice chair are going to do their jobs properly then they need to share the real problems in the party with the executive committee in their report to the committee

        Good to know from their addresses that the party has no problems

  5. ON Michelle Nix—-Was elected by the grassroots rather than the party elite and seems that she has been continually blindsided by the ESTABLISHMENT controllers in N.C.—-I believe the establishment people made sure they had a puppet(Dallas Woodhouse) in the ex. Director position.to assist in destroying the will of the people (we commoners) that elected them at the party convention.
    They will go to all extremes to take back their control -take a look at their support for House member Lewis that admittedly gives contracts to his friends (if u cant take care of your friends)
    Won’t be easy but necessary to take back control in the Legislature and the State Party. That will begin in the primaries!!!!
    Ron Margiotta–Wake Cty.

    1. The Chairman and Vice Chair have the perfect opportunity to lay out the corruption they are having to deal with when they gave their reports to the executive committee

      Since they did not bring up the problems I guess they do not exist and everything is 100% OK otherwise they did not do their duty to party inform the executive committee of the state parties problems

    1. This ”they have nowhere else to go” attitude by the establishment / Big Government Republicans is arrogant and self destructive. The fact is that people have shown they have several other places to go, all destructive to the GOP; 1) staying home on election day, 2) switching to Unaffiliated, and 3) running independent or 3rd party conservative challengers to Republicans.

      There is a malaise in the GOP and unless the establishment gets their heads out of their butts, it may destroy the party. What has really set this off is GOP leaders in Washington – Boehner and McConnell, and now Ryan – who refuse to fight Obama, but just have show votes and then cave in. Polling just before Boehner’s last election as Speaker showed that 61% of Republican voters opposed reelecting him as Speaker while only 18% supported his reelection. Another poll, just before Boehner finally resigned, showed that over 70% of Republicans opposed the Washington GOP leadership’s policies of failing to fight Obama, and over 60% said they felt ”betrayed” by the GOP leadership in DC. ”Betrayed” is a pretty strong word and strong emotion.

      For the activists who follow politics even more closely, the dirty tricks by the establishment in the Mississippi Senate primary in 2014 convinced many that the GOP establishment was more opposed to conservatives in their own party than they were to Democrats. That resonated nationally. While it did not get as much attention, because the conservative ended up winning both the primary and general election anyway, what the establishment did in the Nebraska Senate primary was even worse in many ways. As a result of Mississippi, many conservatives who have always fallen in line with whoever the GOP nominates in the general election, now are no longer automatically doing that.

      Now, lets look at what people are seeing as other options.

      Sean Trende, editor of the Almanac of American Politics did a masterful analysis of 2012 voters compared to 2008 voters and demonstrated that about 4 million Republican voters who turned out for McCain in 2008 stayed home for Romney in 2012. One can go into the reasons, but lets just say this is a result that can be expected when voters start feeling betrayed by the party they had put their hopes in.

      I suspect that the stay at home voters in 2012 were mostly ones who normally stay at home in off year elections. Romney, especially when the Boehner malaise is added, simply did not get them enthusiastic to turn out, so in that instance they behaved in a presidential year as they normally behave in an off year by staying home.

      The problem, if anything, is worse now. I never heard any GOP activist, even the ones most upset that we nominated a dud candidate, who refused to go vote for Romney. Now I hear GOP activists, including party officials and elected officials reel off multiple GOP presidential candidates that they would simply refuse to vote for in a general election. I hear Richard Burr’s name in that context as well. I have never encountered that in GOP politics in NC before.

      Then, there are those actively promoting people switching to Unaffiliated. We see posts to that effect on this site from time to time. In my part of the state, I know of two former Republican activists who carry change of affiliation cards with them all the time promoting switching to Unaffiliated. One is a former NCGOP district chairman and the other a former GOP legislative nominee. I have had to personally talk several GOP activists to whom they had sold their spiel out of going through with it, and one who had already switched into switching back to the GOP. Our party ignores this threat at its peril.

      The other place that people have to go is backing alternative conservative candidates. I think of the special election for Congress in upstate New York (in 2011 if memory serves) when the committee of party insiders charged with choosing a GOP nominee chose a liberal woman, and a conservative who was rejected by them went and qualified to run as nominee of the Conservative Party of New York. He pulled so far ahead of the official GOP nominee in the polls, that she dropped out AND ENDORSED THE DEMOCRAT, who ended up winning. Subsequently, the party there chose a nominee who conservatives could live with and won the seat back.

      Then there was the special election in Pennsylvania for a competitive State Senate seat a couple of years later. Again, a small committee of party insiders chose the nominees, and they passed over a conservative to nominate a more liberal Republican. That conservative worked Tea Party connections to qualify to run as an Independent, and was able to largely self-fund his campaign, and ended up beating both official party nominees by a wide margin.

      I suspect that if the GOP establishment keeps doing things like they did in Mississippi, we may be seeing what happened in those New York and Pennsylvania races happening more places.

      The best way to fight Democrats is to build a strong, principled conservative Republican Party. If the GOP goes the way of the Whigs, then I suspect it would take too long to build its replacement to stop the Democrats from totally destroying the country.

      Right now we have too many groups whistling past the graveyard:
      1) those who think the establishment can just run over conservatives and get away with it
      2) those who advocate people switching to Unaffiliated
      3) those who advocate a third party

      1. Well thought out and well spoken Raphael.

        May of us continue to try to reach discouraged and dissatisfied voters, but certainly issues such as you’ve raised and the back room bickering and shenanigans are tearing our districts and state party apart.

        Personally, I was in a “NC state of mind” by the time I left the “Event”. Unfortunately, right now that means I had a splitting headache! From the morning session watching the Central Committee bully and verbally smack down Michelle through the afternoon Save Dallas and Lewis, it was a circus from down under… and I don’t mean Australia.

        God help us before it’s too late!

        1. so if the person you are talking about smacked down why did this person not speak up and let the whole body know what it happening ?????? Is it not this person duty to be a leader and inform the people in the room of the troubles?????

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