#ncpol NC-09: A new primary ??? (Why????)

We’ve already addressed our dumbfounded amazement and disappointment that the NCGOPe is rolling over and playing dead over this blatant attempt by Leftists to steal the 9th congressional district.

Mark Harris WON a primary.  It got certified.

Mark Harris won a general election. His opponent conceded.  The NCGOPe needs to stand by their victorious nominee.  A congressional district and its voters should not be held hostage over allegations.

(Of course, any and all allegations of election misconduct should be thoroughly investigated.  If evidence of criminal misconduct is found, the offenders need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.)  

No one has made any allegations of misconduct about the primary.  Yet, the NCGOPe and its legislative majority are prepared to run a NEW primary for the congressional seat.  (Even the rocket scientists on NC Spin knew that state law bars re-doing a certified election.)

After talking with some reliable sources in DC and Raleigh (who are familiar with state politics), I think I understand why NCGOP HQ is rolling over and being conciliatory here.  Both Dallas Woodhouse and Robin Hayes are working furiously to get the hell out of Dodge.  And they are willing to throw the state party under the bus to do it.

We reported in late November that Dallas was rooting around for a job with the RNC organizational committee for Charlotte in 2020.  Sources have confirmed for me that Woodhouse has reached out to the RNC about the prospect, and they are mulling over the idea.  Sources also confirm for me that a group of NCGOPe players — spearheaded by Union County chairman Dan Barry — is furiously lobbying to find a position for Hayes with the 2020 national convention in Charlotte that would allow him to leave his NCGOP post gracefully.

Both Hayes and Woodhouse are likely doing damage control and trying to keep their noses clean as they prepare for futures outside and away from Hillsborough Street.

Meanwhile,  calling for a new election before the investigation is even done gives the Democrats ammo to say: “Folks, we’re having to spend time and money to do this again because of those cheating Republicans.”  (Never mind that an honest look at the situation will find far more Democrat misconduct than Republican.) 

I don’t think much of Wayne Goodwin (aka George Constanza, aka George Cant-Stand-Ya), but he has done some good things for the state Democrats.  He’s kept them on a war footing and kept the NCGOPe off-balance.  The NCGOP needs to pick itself up and dust itself off.  It needs to go on offense against the Democrats. Return fire.

Far too many Republican candidates (and voters) have been cheated out of election victories over the decades by Democrat machine politics.  (By the way, waiting until January 11 for a hearing in front of the state board is RIDICULOUS.) It’s time to stop worrying about individual political ambitions and refocus onto fighting for what’s best for the state and the country.