#ncpol: Meeting & Greeting SOMEBODY ELSE’S voters

This is Congressman Mark Meadows’s Democrat opponent in November.

Could someone please provide him with a map?   This guy is running in the 11th congressional district.  The Sheraton Chapel Hill is in the 4th congressional district. Check out the map below and see if you can spot the problem.

No one residing within a reasonable driving distance of the Sheraton Chapel Hill can legally vote for Phillip Price.  They would likely be Democrat congressman David Price’s constituents.  Perhaps Phillip is hoping those wacky Orange County libs will be confused by the last names and think they are donating to David. 

Also, having an event from 1030-1200 on a Sunday indicates he’s not targeting the church-going crowd.

Phillip has a record of busts for possessing and growing marijuana.  That may explain some of the geographical confusion.