#ncpol: Math is HARD. (Alma Adams edition)

Roll Call had a little PR stunt ahead of BarryO’s big speech the other night.  They asked several DC-area celebrities to give their thoughts on the speech — in three words.  Here is what U.S. Rep. Alma Adams (D-NC) came up with: 

Image-1 (1)

Um ……….

Stuff like this kinda puts the whole deficit and budgeting mess in DC in perspective.  Take heart, District 12 residents.  At least she wasn’t on tape speculating about whether Guam was going to tip over.  


7 thoughts on “#ncpol: Math is HARD. (Alma Adams edition)

  1. Just like most of the other idiots in congress today “promise three, then vote for 16”.
    Sort of like Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who when shown pictures taken by the Mars Rover, wanted to know where the picture of the flag was that was planted by our astronauts! WOW!
    I had a choice between watching Obama’s “I love myself, I think I’m grand” fiasco, or scheduling a root canal.
    I called my dentist.

  2. Holy sh!t. You almost made fun of a Dem. Can’t allow that. You’re MO is to trash Republicans because you’d prefer nothing to moving our state in a conservative direction. I know this post will not make it beyond your “how dare a non crazy” post here. At least I’ll be in good company.

  3. This is like when Sheila Jackson Lee stated that the Constitution was over 400 years old. How those Dems keep getting elected are beyond me.

  4. Not just the Dem electorate!
    We were told that Barack Hussein Obama was “The Messiah”, standing in front of those Greek columns. We were told that he would lower the sea levels, we’ll have The Brotherhood of Man Tomorrow, and all the world would love the USA, just by the presence of his being, were we not?
    He was supposed to be The Champion of the down-trodden, and the low-information voters (who received free cell phones to vote for THE ONE).
    But once in office, King Louie and his wife (Marie Antoinette) went on one luxury vacation after another, and told the low information voters who put them in office: “let them eat cake!”

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