#ncpol: Let the ConnectNC Pork-fest shakedown BEGIN !!!

shakeThe ruling class is working overtime to convince us to allow them to shake even more change from our pockets to fund their vote-buying and other misadventures.  IF ONLY they worked this hard to get government out of our lives and cut taxes. 

We heard that political consultants have been hired to help convince us to hand over EVEN MORE of our money to the government.   Just like with Obama-lama-ding-dong’s “stimulus” — we are being told this is NOT an aggressive expansion of government and raid on our wallets, but merely an “investment” in our future.  *Yeah. I thought we were already doing that each April 15th.  Silly me.*

Well, a new pro-bond group is poking its head up and out of the gopher hole.  “The ConnectNC Committee” has launched a new web site to raise money and harvest email addresses for the pro-bond effort.  The two names associated with this committee are Raleigh-area residents Art Goudey, Jr. and Jim Rose.   (It appears Rose is an executive with Yadkin Bank. Here is what is at the address he lists on board of elections documents.)

momoneyWe’re likely to see more of the type of marketing the NC Chamber hit us with earlier — “Vote for the bonds or the bridges your kids are riding over on school buses will collapse and the kids will DIE !!!”  Real moderate, rational stuff. 

Don’t fall for all of the weepy dramatic stuff about how it’s “fo’ tha’ lil’ chil’ren.”  

Voting FOR a bond issue grants permission to the politicians to saddle us with more debt and to shake more money out of our pockets to pay off said debt. For all intents and purposes, you are voting to raise your own taxes.  You are volunteering to hand over MORE of your hard-earned money to the government.  And how sane is THAT?

Instead, we need to ask some tough questions about what our, um, “leaders” have been doing with all of the money we’re already coughing up to them.