#ncpol: Jones and taxes.


When news broke that Walter Jones was one of thirteen Republicans to vote NO on the hallowed tax package pushed through the House by Paul Ryan and the boys, I just knew it would be misused to further the myth that Jones is some kind of “liberal.” I just knew that the NCGOPe boo-birds — seeking to replace Jones with one of their own by perpetuating that myth — would have a field day. Speaking of said boo-birds, here’s one NOW:

(*Gee.  Somebody’s still touchy about not getting any consulting $$$$ from ” a certain elected official’s campaign.”*)

You can’t count on the driveby media or the NCGOPe boo-birds for the full story.  So, let’s go to the man — Mr. Jones — himself: 

This afternoon, the U.S. House of Representatives debated H.R. 1 – legislation that would make sweeping changes to America’s tax laws.  Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) – a leading fiscal conservative – reluctantly voted against the bill, primarily due to the trillions of dollars that it is projected to add to the national debt.  He is also concerned about the potential impact on the Eastern North Carolina economy, veterans, and middle class families. His statement follows:

“I’m all for tax reform, but it must grow the economy, not the debt.  Unfortunately, the tax bill voted on today would be financed not by cutting spending elsewhere in the budget, but by adding up to $2 trillion to America’s debt.  Much of that would be borrowed from potential foreign adversaries like China, and then put on the backs of American taxpayers.  That’s at least an additional $12,000 burden for every household in America.  With federal debt already at $20 trillion, and deficit spending adding $666 billion to that debt just this past year alone, this is the wrong way to deliver the tax relief that the American people so desperately need.

For years, I have constantly sounded the alarm about the need to cut wasteful spending, balance the budget, and eliminate the massive debt that is bankrupting our nation.  This is not just an economic issue, it’s a national security issue.  Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, has testified that the biggest threat to our national security is America’s rising debt.  Our current Secretary of Defense, Marine Corps General James Mattis, has affirmed that principle. When Admiral Mullen made his statement seven years ago, our debt was $13 trillion.  It is now 50% larger.  We’re going the wrong way fast, and unfortunately, this bill would quicken the pace.

I am also concerned that this bill would result in millions of middle class Americans, and thousands of Eastern North Carolinians, paying more in taxes, not less.  In fact, in just five years, it is estimated that more than 20 percent of Americans would be paying more in federal taxes as a result of this bill.  That is the last thing struggling American families need.  Among them would be some of the 23,000 people in the 3rd District with significant medical bills that currently utilize the medical expense deduction, which this bill would eliminate.

Finally, the bill contains many provisions that are particularly problematic for Eastern North Carolina.  Among other things, the bill would eliminate the work opportunity tax credit for employers who hire veterans.  With veteran unemployment still higher than it should be, and with so many veterans in Eastern North Carolina, that incentive should be retained.  The bill would also eliminate the mortgage interest deduction on the purchase of second homes.  That could prove to be harmful to property values and the economy on the coast.  Lastly, it would eliminate the deduction for casualty losses incurred by hurricane and flood victims.  That has been a huge help to many Eastern North Carolinians trying to put their lives back together after a major storm. 

As the bill moves to conference with the Senate, I will continue to work get these problems addressed so that we can create jobs and grow the economy, not the debt.”

I am all for getting rid of the mortgage deductions and state and local tax deductions — IN TANDEM with across the board rate reductions for EVERYBODY.   These deductions and credits are tools for politicos to toss favors to cronies and provide fodder for reelection efforts. (i.e., “Look what I DID for YOU.”) 

You want to grow the economy? Let everybody keep more of their hard-earned dollars.  We know what to do with it. So did our forefathers.  And theirs.

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  1. Walter Jones has always been a budget hawk and an immigration hawk. He does not vote for tax increases or debt increases.

    Paul Ryan is a creature of K Street and larded up this bill with favors for the special interests. Ryan even admitted in an interview that for some in the middle class, this “tax cut” bill will be a tax increase. They have put some really sneaky back door tax increases in this bill, like changing the way cost of living is calculated, which will push middle class taxpayers into higher tax brackets quicker for many years to come. This is typical Paul Ryan gobbldiegook, not a solid conservative bill.

    I can see why any true conservative who is looking out for the taxpayers would have some problems with it, not that it does not also have some good points. The corporate tax reductions are necessary due to foreigh competition, but the individual tax part of it is a very mixed bag.

    I trust Walter Jones analysis much more than I do Paul Ryan’s. And Scott Dacey? I don’t trust that crooked lobbyist AT ALL!

    Marc Rotterman? He had an article in the last Carolina Journal from Locke trying to make excuses for Thom Tillis’ amnesty for illegal aliens bill. Anyone who would do that is simply not conservative.

  2. #1 – Jones fired Rotterman years ago when he discovered he was getting fleeced with fees when he was running against nobody.
    #2 – Jones is a different bird. He has his faults. But there is no comparison between Walter Jones and a working (not retired) lobbyist for Indian tribes and their casinos, who has a long history of trying to prop up the GOP establishment like Boehner and Ryan.

    Jones has said this is his last run. Hopefully he wins and we start looking for his replacement for 2020.

  3. Well who do you trust more here? Nearly the entire Freedom Caucus including Rep. Meadows, liberty Republicans like Reps. Amash and Massie or Rep. Jones, who hasn’t voted in favor of any of President Trump’s major priorities? Is Meadows wrong? Is Mo Brooks wrong? Is David Brat wrong?

    1. Some people are just more willing to hold their noses for the crap that Ryan put in what SHOULD have been a solid bill. The Ryan tax bill is a mish-mash, and it should not have been. Surrendering to the Democrat’s class warfare scam is one thing in it that makes me want to puke. This should be an across the board tax cut like Reagan’s or even JFK’s.

      Walter Jones also voted against Ryancare, but Ryancare was NOT a repeal of Obamacare, just playing a shell game with the pieces. Ryancare made a mockery of President Trump’s pledge to repeal Obamacare.

      When it comes to President Trump, I admire what he is trying to do, but he puts up with too much crap from Ryan and McConnell, who actually seem to be trying to undermine him. Ryan and McConnell need to be replaced. They are the most dangerous snakes in the swamp.

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