#ncpol: Et Tu, Rich?

It’s the Ides of March in late September.  

Remember how upset some folks at NCGOP HQ got when some party activists criticized GOP candidates during the general election?  We had tribunals and expulsions from the party. Oh, it was quite ugly.

Meanwhile, there’s something quite similar happening down in Charlotte that doesn’t appear to be raising NCGOPe dander:

Yep.  Richard Vinroot — one of those guys we conservatives were asked to hold our noses for and support — is backing the Democrat challenger to an incumbent GOP state House member.  And WHERE is the Hillsborough Street lynch mob?

If you think THAT’S bad, check out what Big Rich is doing in the 9th congressional district race:

[…] “If you’d called me today and the reverse had happened, I would have said I’m going to support Dan McCready because I respect him and have difficulty with Robert,” said former Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot, a Republican who is now undecided in this race. “But that’s not the way I feel about Mark. I have great respect for Mark.”[…] 

Hmmm.  A Republican “leader” —  a former party standard-bearer — is “undecided” on whether he will back the GOP nominee against the Democrat in November.


7 thoughts on “#ncpol: Et Tu, Rich?

  1. Absolutely beyond sick of hearing about this bi-partisan garbage. Power players don’t get it that it’s not just the base that doesn’t care, the far right, the conservatives or anyone…people are sick and tired of those claiming to be moderate or working across the aisle. It’s dead and gone and isn’t coming back. If the current nonsense in DC over the SCOTUS seat is any indication, GOP is afraid to fight back as intense as the Left.

  2. Sadly, there are Brutus’ at almost every level in many counties. Yet another reason good people are leaving politics.

  3. Let me explain. The rules against helping Democrats who are running against Republican nominees was only intended to apply to you little people. It was never intended to apply to those of us in the elite. You will never see us apply it to one of our own. Take Thom Tillis and his openly undermining the Republican nominee for US Senate in the recent Alabama special election. If one of you peons had done that, we would have started the process to kick you out of the party, but Thom is special and we will never do that to him no matter what he does. So is Richard Vinroot.

  4. Lets look at where Thom Tillis publicly bashing the GOP nominee in the Alabama special election for US Senate and giving aid and comfort to the Democrat has gotten us on the Kavanaugh nomination.

    If Republicans had won that Alabama seat, we would have a 52-48 majority in the Senate right now, and we could loose both of the questionable Republican Senator and still get the confirmation with Pence’s tiebreaking vote. Instead, if we lose them, Kavanaugh is dead. If we lose the confirmation that way, it will be Tillis’ fault.

    Tillis’ comments to the media also encouraged the Democrat scheme of character assassination by ancient charges that are hard to disprove of prove. They are doing the same thing to Kavanaugh that they did to Roy Moore, and Tillis encouraged it.

    Tillis engaged in blatant party disloyalty in the Alabama Senate race and should be kicked out of the NCGOP for it.

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