#ncga: House Republican ObamaCare Caucus DOUBLES in size.

Rep. David Lewis (R-Harnett) now has some company:

[…] State Rep. Nelson Dollar, a powerful Republican budget writer and redistricting chairman who has been an architect of some of the party’s policy priorities, touts his role in boosting teacher pay. In an interview with The Washington Post, Dollar also said he would vote to let North Carolina expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act — something he has opposed since Republicans took over in 2010.[…]

Lewis was the ONLY House Republican to support Medicaid expansion when it first came up.    North Carolina already has some of the most generous Medicaid benefits in the country.  Jones Street Republicans and then-Gov. Pat McCrory rightfully suggested that Medicaid fraud should be seriously addressed and the system should be reformed for efficiency before even thinking about expanding it.

I am sure this position change has a lot to do with the competitive challenger Dollar has in November.

6 thoughts on “#ncga: House Republican ObamaCare Caucus DOUBLES in size.

  1. Seriously, is Nelson Dollar now different from a Democrat in any meaningful way? Obamacare is an acid test and he fails it.

    This is one of those races where the Constitution Party blew it by not recruiting a candidate.

  2. Didn’t the “conservative” Dr. Greg Murphy also hop on wanting the expansion? More money for doctors… which meant more money in his own pockets.

    1. You are correct on Murphy.

      When he sought the vacant House seat before the Pitt GOP ExCom, Murphy told them that his main reason for running was to get the Obamacare Medicaid expansion passed. After that meeting, he was advised to lose that position, and started denying it. He actually came on the Haymaker to deny it. However, when he sponsored a failed bill to do just that and adopt the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in North Carolina, he can now no longer deny it. His fingerprints are all over it.

      Unfortunately for the party, liberal Obama Republican Greg Murphy has ambitions to run for Walter Jones seat when Jones retires in 2020.

  3. Rep. Nelson Dollar and Rep. David Lewis are wrong to expand Medicaid! Checks for illegals and those not meeting requirements for Medicaid but receive it!

  4. Another example of the GOP and most Americans want/need the various components of “ObamaCare”. In essence, they want what the Affordable Care Act puts in place and they want improvements to make it even better. But if you ask the GOP if they approve of “ObamaCare” they say they are against it.

    1. That all depends on how you ask the question in polling.

      For example, the issue of covering those with preexisting conditions comes out different depending on whether the pollster reveals that the costs of that fall on other policy holders. Without providing that information, the public favors that 2 to 1, but with that information provided, they oppose it 2 to 1.

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