#ncpol: Dallas Woodhouse — NCGOP chairman ?????


From executive director of the North Carolina Values Coalition to chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.  Boy, this Woodhouse kid is a mover.  

The N&O has apparently got its hands on some more of Dallas’s email: 

The leader of the N.C. Republican Party urged a Wake County Board of Elections member to appoint his cousin as chairman of the board, according to emails released this week.

Records show Dallas Woodhouse, the state GOP’s executive director, sent an email to a private account of board member Ellis Boyle on Aug. 7. Woodhouse asked Boyle to give the reins of the board to his cousin, Eddie Woodhouse, who the state appointed to the board that day.Dallas

Dallas Woodhouse also asked Boyle to delay any vote on a plan to expand early voting from 10 to 17 days, as required under a court ruling that applies statewide.

The board didn’t grant either request, and Boyle chastised Dallas Woodhouse for discussing public business through Boyle’s work email account instead of an elections-board account.

“As I am sure someone in your position and with your experience can appreciate, I consider public records to be very important to the transaction of the business of a public body on behalf of its constituents,” Boyle responded.

To that end, I use my board email account for all of my public business on behalf of the Wake County Board of Elections, not my work or private email addresses,” he continued. “If you would like to correspond with me in writing about board business in the future, please use my board email account.”

[…]Boyle, a Republican who used to work as a public safety official in Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration, was elected chairman of the Wake elections board during a meeting Aug. 8.

Eddie Woodhouse, who works in the state Department of Agriculture, has less board experience than Boyle and Mark Ezzell, the lone Democrat on the board.download (2)

“Let’s let our new member review the revised plan and if needed make a few suggestions,” Dallas Woodhouse wrote to Boyle the day before the meeting, referring to Eddie.

Boyle and Ezzell rejected motions by Eddie Woodhouse to eliminate Sunday early-voting hours as well as a voting site at N.C. State University.

The email release comes after some people, including Dallas’s brother, Brad Woodhouse, criticized Dallas for trying to to limit early voting leading up to the Nov. 8 election.

It comes less than a week after GOP spokeswoman Kami Mueller wrote a letter to The News & Observer referring to Dallas’ actions as “transparent.”

Dallas, reached by phone Thursday, said he knew the public would see the email at some point and wasn’t trying to operate under the radar.

“I sent it to the only email address I had,” he said.

Dallas defended his request for his cousin to serve as chairman of the elections board.

“The party’s position was that there needed to be new blood in the chair’s seat,” Dallas said. “I think it’s fair to say we’ve had some concern on that board for some time.”download (3)

Dallas said that even though Boyle is a Republican, he “generally has been unresponsive to any thoughts from the party.”

Sounds like Mr. Boyle doesn’t do what Dallas tells him to do.  (SMART. ) At this late stage in the campaign, is it REALLY all that smart to be playing hardball with your own troops? 

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  1. They’re desperate to restrict early voting hours, and reduce easy access for college students to vote.

    They’re doing the same thing in Watauga County, where the most-used early voting site in the primary was on the App. State campus, and so naturally, that’s the one the GOP BOE members want to close down. (yes, yes, gotta protect against “voter fraud”, specifically the variety referred to by the Speaker in New Hampshire in 2011, when they tried to restrict college student voting up there: “They’re just kids, voting liberal…” J’accuse!!! You’re voting liberal!! Fraud!!!)

    Watauga BOE got spanked by the State BOE, too, for trying to cut into college student voting. I wonder how many other county boards are trying this around the state?

    1. So this guy’s Chairman of the NCGOP now? Man, I want me a title. I’d better grab one before Dallas has them all.


      Barry Summers
      King of the World

    2. seriously Barry does Walmart discriminate against people since they require a government issued ID to pick up online orders.

      Is not voting even more important and it is not too much to ask for a person to function in society to have a government issued photo ID

      Then again maybe the same people that cannot get a ID at the DMV are the people shoplifting from Walmart that would explain it

      1. Voting is definitely more important than commercial activity. That’s why there should be the fewest barriers.

        As for the voter fraud canard, it’s not convincing to anyone who isn’t already shopping around for some excuse to depress turnout among minorities, the elderly, the poor, or college students – all demographics that tend have higher instance of not having state-issued drivers license, and all happen to lean Democratic in the voting booth. How lucky is that?

        But the one type of voting that the NCGA chose to exempt from voter ID? Guess. From the Court of Appeals decision:

        ? The photo ID requirement, which applies only to in-person voting and not to absentee voting, is too narrow to combat fraud. On the one hand, the State has failed to identify even a single individual who has ever been charged with committing in-person voter fraud in North Carolina. On the other, the General Assembly did have evidence of alleged cases of mail- in absentee voter fraud. Notably, the legislature also had evidence that absentee voting was not disproportionately used by African Americans; indeed, whites disproportionately used absentee voting. The General Assembly then exempted absentee voting from the photo ID requirement.

        As the French say, “Aha!!”

        1. There must have been some reason for George Soros to pay ACORN all that money to register all of those fictional people to vote. One would not think he would have spent all that money if he did not plan to also vote them. Isn’t it odd that voter registration fraud financier George Soros is also financing the lawsuits against Vote ID laws?

          1. Any proof of fictional characters actually voting? Soros only spends a fraction of what Koch and friends spend. They just spend their money on “social educational foundations” to brainwash people. It’s tax deductible as well.

          2. ACORN got caught red handed before election day, so their fraud was stopped in time, fortunately. If they had not been exposed for what they are doing, those ”people” would in all likelihood have been voted.

            Soros spends A LOT more money on politics than the Koch Brothers even thought of. He is a major contributor to Roy Cooper right here in North Carolina, for example.

        2. “Voting is definitely more important than commercial activity. That’s why there should be the fewest barriers.” Sure sounds like DEMOCRAT logic to me, Barry! How about this, instead: Since voting is the single-most important thing citizens do to decide government leadership, and since DEMOCRATS have been playing the elections fraud game since time immemorial, how about (1) PROVING you are who you say you are, and (2) PROVING you are a citizen, BEFORE BEING ALLOWED TO VOTE. These requirements are totally color-blind. All this blather about “the state has not shown fraud…” are hokum and bunk. I’ll sleep better when I KNOW that voters ARE who they SAY they ARE.

        3. Voting is a more important activity than an economic transaction, which is why the SAFEGUARDS should make the process at least as secure as the economic transaction. Look at other countries. Requiring photo Voter ID is an extremely common safeguard in the voting process around the world. It is insane that America has not done it before, and our US Supreme Court has approved it years ago.

  2. Everyone needs to remember this embarassment next spring during District Chairman elections. The current Chairs who decided to foist this character upon our Party should never be allowed to hold office again.

  3. If anyone wants to vote they will not be restricted during one stop voting or on general election day. They can also send in an absentee ballot. It’s called getting off your ass.
    More voting sites costs the taxpayers more and create confusion and chaos at the polls. Democrats care not what it costs and chaos is their MO.
    Jim Crow is dead but they dig him up and prop him up each election cycle.

  4. Doesn’t Dallas Woodhouse know how to use a telephone or to have a face to face meeting on sensitive matters? There is a real question of competence here.

    This GOP county BOE member who supported Sunday voting was enhancing Democrat machine politics and that is reprehensible. There are Democrat political machines which work through ethnic churches and herd the sheeple to Sunday voting after church with lists of candidates they are told to vote for. Machine politics is not democracy. In fact, it is a cancer on democracy.

    Woodhouse did not even have to go to another county on this. A phone call or inviting the guy to lunch would have stood a better chance of success on the important policy issue here.

    And the nepotism angle really really stinks. That power play may well have been what lost the guy’s vote on the important policy issue.

    Dallas Woodhouse needs to get his walking papers, and the idiots on the Central Committee who hired this incompetent buffoon should also get theirs. The nepotism power play alone should get him fired, and the incompetent way he handled the whole think makes it a whole lot worse.

    1. the yes Idiots on the central committee some that I have even told them that they are despicable to their face and more of you when you see these people should do the same cause they have proved they you cannot work with them at this point so it does not hurt to left them know the truth of how you really feel at this point and how they are helping to destroy the only party that had a chance to fight the leftists instead the party got invaded by them

  5. The issue here is greater than the Woodhouse family–it’s GOP incompetence. The Republicans simply have never learned how to govern to advance the conservative cause. They make awful appointments–many of them RINOs who are simply politically stupid and easy fodder for the Democrat Machine. McCrory and his aides bear much of the blame for these disasters, but even the Republican legislature has made its share of disastrous appointments to critically important boards and commissions. Very sad to watch and see it play out in situations like this.

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