#ncpol: Back to making a DOLLAR?

secretarydaughtridgemoleNow that Nelson is THE bread-winner in the Dollar family, the effort is being stepped up to find Miss Lorrie some work.  The hottest word going around Jones and Blount Streets is that former legislator Bill Daughtridge will soon step down from his position as Secretary of Administration to run for the State Treasurer seat being vacated by Janet Cowell.   Daughtridge was the 2008 GOP nominee for state treasurer against Cowell. 

That would create an opening at DoA that would fit rather nicely with all the “administratin’ ” Lorrie Dollar has been doing at DPS and various other state agencies over the years. 

4 thoughts on “#ncpol: Back to making a DOLLAR?

  1. Down in Kinston the City Council just passed a new city ordinance or regulation or law or Monroe Doctrine that allows relatives to be hired by the city. Surely a member of the city council should be able to put a relative on the payroll. This is America after all.

    And keeping it in the family in Raleigh makes sense as well. Some of these college football coaches give their kids football scholarships even though junior is a nerd.

    We should draw the line at son-in-laws though. That is the worst. Hiring a son-in-law is just plain wrong. The father should never have allowed the daughter to marry such a stupid, worthless piece of crap.

    If it is Ms. Lorrie’s turn then by God give her the job! Elections have consequences.

  2. Clarification: The Kinston city council voted on a policy concerning nepotism. In all fairness their ain’t one member who knows what nepotism is. Probably not too many in the whole town who know what it is except that lawyer who graduated from Duke. Maybe some people in agriculture who deal with nematodes.

  3. Nelson $$$$ has been such a good friend of the Polar Bears, being a major leader for President Obama’s green energy crusade in the NC General Assembly while thumbing his nose at his own party’s platform and the pocketbook interests of his own constituents, I suspect that if she checked with some of our progressive green energy friends, his wife could find herself a job.

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