#ncga: Let’s Get Reaaaaaaaady to Rummmmmmmmmble !!!

giphyAre y’all ready for this? 


It appears — according to some email that got sent out today —  that Tim and Phil are concerned about how the search for a new UNC president is going:

Dear Members of the Senate and House:

Please see the attached correspondence Speaker Moore and I sent to the members of the North Carolina Board of Governors this afternoon. Several board members have reached out to us regarding serious concerns about the process being followed by certain members of the Board. As you will recall, we passed Senate Bill 670 by final votes of 47-0 in the Senate and 107-4 in the House and it appears certain members may be trying to circumvent the bill’s requirements prior to it officially becoming law.
We will continue to update you on this issue but wanted to share this correspondence with you.
Phil Berger and Tim Moore


From: Rep. Tim Moore
Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2015 5:52 PM
To: Board of Governors
Cc: Sen. Phil Berger; Rep. Tim Moore
Subject: Correspondence from the President Pro Tem and Speaker
Dear Members of the Board of Governors:
We have attached a letter for your review. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Tim Moore and Phil Berger

Here’s the letter they sent.  Apparently, there is some heartburn about this “emergency meeting” of the board of governors scheduled for tomorrow. The meeting is believed to be tied to the selection process for a new UNC system president.

Here is the bill the legislative leaders are referencing.  It says that at least THREE names need to be presented for consideration.  They must have heard there are less than three names presented as finalists. 

Gee.  We’ve got state government appointees clashing with legislative leaders. * I wonder how it’s going to end up.*