#ncpol: Another of Dallas’s warm bodies?

We all remember Dallas Woodhouse running around trying to get anybody with a pulse to file as a Republican candidate for the General Assembly.  One of those warm bodies has been disqualified for, apparently, registering to vote as an afterthought.

Here’s another one of those warm bodies, also from the Charlotte area:

Ty Turner is not your typical Republican candidate.

In 2014 he ran for the state Senate as a Democrat.

He was a member of the North Carolina Democratic Party’s executive committee as recently as 2015.

He was a Charlotte LGBTQ activist who once helped manage a Planned Parenthood office. […]

Hmmm, 2015.  Well, the disqualified warm body didn’t register to vote until nearly the end of the 2018 filing period.


[…] Now Turner, 37, is the GOP candidate in House District 88 for the seat held by Democrat Mary Belk. Another Republican, 31-year-old Benton Blaine, says he’s dropping out of the race although his name remains on the ballot.

“I have the ability to say I was a Democrat and I was a Republican and I can see the difference,” Turner says.[…]

And what, pray tell, is that “difference”?

[…] The one-time Democratic activist, who is African-American, has become a self-described “avid Trump supporter.”

He says President Donald Trump has been “the number one advocate for the LGBT community.”

“I’m loving the fact that since the president came into office he has pushed inclusiveness,” Turner says.[…]

Oh, so it’s not free markets or low taxes or strong defense or tough on law and order.  The GOP is more gay-friendly than the Democrats are.


[…] Until now, Turner has generally made news as a partisan activist.

In 2014 he finished a distant fifth in a Democratic Senate primary won by current-Sen. Joyce Waddell. He made news later that year when he was arrested during a Moral Monday protest in uptown Charlotte for distributing handbills in what police said violated city ordinance.

Police claimed he was contentious and non-compliant when they asked for identification. Defenders said police over-reacted.

A delegation led by Rev. William Barber, leader of the Moral Monday movement, marched to the police station to defend Turner. Two days later the NAACP rallied behind him and asked police to investigate his arrest.[…]

Running around with The Round Rev as late as FOUR YEARS AGO.  *Oooooooookay. *

[…] At a state Democratic gathering in 2015 Turner nominated Charlotte’s Janice Covington Allison, a transgender woman, for chair of the state party.


Turner says he came to believe that African-Americans have to start holding the Democratic Party “accountable for 54 years of inaction” since passage of Civil Rights Act and voting legislation. He calls black voters who regularly vote for Democrats “direct deposit Democrats.” In addition, he says the GOP more closely aligns with his values.

He says, for example, that he’s long been anti-abortion despite working for Planned Parenthood. But he believes abortion is a woman’s decision. “The key is I should not make a decision what a female does with her body,” he says. “That’s up to her and God.”


Matt Comer, who chairs MeckPAC, an LGBTQ political action committee, remembers Turner as a liberal Democrat and a “progressive LGBT leader.”

“It does concern me that we have a member of our community who seems to have had such a drastic shift in political thought, especially as it related to our own community,” he says.

Allison, who considers Turner a friend, says she was surprised by his political conversion.

“But he has the choice to doing what he wants,” she says. “He’s still my friend.”

Turner says he filed for office at the urging of state GOP chair Robin Hayes and state executive director Dallas Woodhouse.

Woodhouse says Turner is an example of the party’s big tent.

“We are always happy to see new Republicans come into the fold,” he says. “We always want people to come our way.”

Hey, who needs party-building (or even a party platform) when you can simply sign up random people at the last minute to run for office?

15 thoughts on “#ncpol: Another of Dallas’s warm bodies?

  1. The majority of the Meck GOP are currently a bunch of liberals or at least that I how it looked during the last county convention that was half the size of the previous years. the GOP is currently pretty worthless in the biggest city in the state and if the GOP want to win statewide elections they need to fix the Meck issues. one of them being the party has push out the good people over the years AKA real conservatives

    1. The same thing is happening in the rural counties. This years’ Beaufort County Convention was like a ghost town. Same thing with the Reagan Day Dinner. Most of the conservatives I know are working on other projects that have a better chance of success; a few are still hanging on in the party trying to salvage something.

  2. There were reports on another site that one of Dallas’ candidates in Guilford County is a homosexual who is “married” to another man. Did Dallas do his mass emails to a Log Cabin Republican lisst?

    One remembers Dallas promoting a “compromise” (im.e. surrender) on HB2., the bathroom privacy law. Is there something about Dallas and his issues that we do not know? Is Dallas trying to run off the Christian conservative part of our base?

    1. The party in meck has done a great job in the last 10 or so years running off the christian conservative base you hit the nail dirrectly on the head

  3. The challenge to Nora in Senate 37 was reversed today and she will be on the ballot vs Jeff Jackson.

    We do have a large tent now and lots of people are coming to us wanting to run for office as a Republican. The party Is growing in terms of interest and success compared to democrats

    1. Growth is not good if the party looses all its good judeo christian ethical values in the process

    2. So you deliberately recruited the homosexuals, knowing what they are? Just like you took it upon yourself to speak for the party in support of a surrender on HB2?

    1. Dallas you were running your mouth to the media supporting “compromise” (better known as surrender) on HB2 before there was any vote. You were pushing action of the legislature before it was voted on. And our GOP legislators were divided almost in half on that issue. The party should NOT be taking a stand when there is that sort of division among our legislators. Further, I have not seen or heard anything indicating any NCGOP policy making body authorized you to take that position..

      The second issue is you recruiting certain types of candidates who are very inconsistent with a major part of our party base.

    1. Get Cooper “on the record” on bathroom privacy (HB2)?????????? Give me a break. Cooper ran much of his campaign on ending bathroom privacy for our women and girls. There was no need to “get him on record”. He already WAS.

  4. It is clear that the N.C. Republican Party has been hijacked and is being sabotaged. Do the counties and the districts have the will to get it back? I don’t know.

  5. The Establishment is building the Party with Newly Convenced Democrats And LBGTQ Who you can bank on it will Hijack the Establishment but then again they New in 2016 The Party Fractured And was Splintering Now we will see it Fall with The Evangelical Voters And Conservatives Who Are disengaging themselves All together. It’s Been made Clear by the State And Many Locals You ARE NOT WELCOME! 2018 Elections are questionable at best but you can take Bets come 2020 its Over the Party Falls. In significant losses. Why vote [R] Who is a Pro Abortion – Pro Illegals- Pro LBGTQ- Pro Gun Grabbing And Sanctions? New Individual Political Organizations are cropping up in Counties and Evangelicals are rushing right to them by the hundreds. The six I have been following thus far are growing at a rate 1000 times of the Party. Word from these they will support Independant Conservative Candidates and No Establishment Candidates they Are ending paying dues to The a Party. It’s mind boggeling to me at the insanity that is going on. It’s a failed plan at best and Dems are not going to fall for the 170 for 170 they have organized a year in advance while the GOPe are not. They have Unlimited funding rolling in . Is this a Fear Factor Game the NCGOP and many locals are playing thinking Evangelicals or Conservatives will simply Vote for the [R] ? Who is a Dem? Seems Rand Paul’s Conservative Platform – Honor And Integrity Of The Conservative Platform, Are Far better than : A Republican Platform not being honored at All by the Party. I think the Swamp And Cesspool In our Party needs to be drained and dried up or it’s simply in self destruct mode. It’s My Last Campaign Season so what do I care really. What I donate every month can pay for a Nice 30 day vacation and leave this mess n stress behind . Adios ImDoneBaked!

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