#ncpol: A MAJOR campaign announcement.

a-really-big-huge-announcement<Monster truck show announcer voice> This Friday.  5 PM.  Concord, NC.  The Hampton Inn.  (Be there.)  </Monster truck show announcer voice.>

The good folks at The Cabarrus Conservative Alliance are putting the word out statewide:

You are cordially invited to a New Campaign Launch Announcement this
coming Friday 12-4-15 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the Hampton Inn 612 Dickens
Pl NE, Concord, NC 28025, just off Copperfield Dr, at i-85 exit 60.

We are not authorized to disclose at this time the name of the candidate
nor the office they are announcing for, however, many of you have been
looking forward to this announcement for more than 6 years.

Please join us as we hear from this candidate and if it be your pleasure
after getting to know them, we are sure they would greatly appreciate your
help with the campaign for this office. […]

WhatIsItSix years?  Hmmm. That’s the length of a US Senate term.  (And Tricky Dick himself IS on the ballot for 2016.) 

We’ve heard talk of a Tea Party challenge to state Senator Tommy Tucker — but Concord is just outside that particular district.  As you can tell from the group’s home page, these folks are not big fans of Richard Hudson.  (But Hudson has only been serving for FOUR YEARS. )

12 thoughts on “#ncpol: A MAJOR campaign announcement.

  1. I hope we have a decent and honorable man or woman primary Burr. He is as much of a traitor to his constituents as Ellmers. Everyone knows we never see him in Moore County except every 6 hears.

    1. Burr’s record is even worse than Ellmers, and also even worse than Lindsay Graham’s. He does need a serious primary and he needs it badly Burr votes more often on key issues with Harry Reid than he does with Ted Cruz.

    2. Dear Stenogal,

      There already is a “decent and honorable” man challenging Mr. Burr in the primary–me. Obviously you’ve not heard about my campaign or looked at my website– http://www.holmquist4senate.com

      If you want Burr replaced by a solid, dependable conservative, visit my website and support my campaign. I could use and would appreciate your help. Thank you!

      Larry Holmquist

  2. I am praying it is Greg Brannon…a true constitutional conservative and proven scholar and leading voice on our God-Given rights. Bye-Bye Tricky Dick.

    1. Have you prayed for me and my campaign against Mr. Burr, Ginny? Have you looked at my website and considered supporting my campaign? What does Mr. Brannon offer you as a candidate against Mr. Burr that I don’t?

      Larry Holmquist

  3. I’ll visit mr holmquist webpage and consider … But, he’s not going to win anything with a catchy website alone. Brannon has built a grassroots network that know him. Any serious candidate will need some substantial financial backing.

    1. Hi Marm–

      As to your three points……………

      1) I don’t plan to win with just a “catchy website”–I’m working my tail off every day trying to tell people there is a strong CONSERVATIVE alternative to six more years of Richard Burr.

      2) I’m building my own grassroots network that knows and believes in me. Just because you and I haven’t met yet doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

      3) You’re right about needing financial backing. I’m running my campaign on almost no money, and still having good results. How about helping me reach more people with my message by kicking in $25 or $50? Just go to the donate page on my website. Thank you!

      Larry Holmquist

  4. The timing is ripe for a rock solid challenge to Burr. The people were already angry and this weeks destructive votes growing government and gross fiscal irresponsibility to pass Obama’s destructive policies is just the icing on the cake. No disrespect Mr. Holmquist, Marm is right.

    1. As of this moment, NCCOT, I am the “rock solid challenge” to Richard Burr. You can stand with whoever you want, but unless your guy gets in the game, you’re going to have to find someone else to support against Burr. I could use and would welcome your help to send a consistent, courageous conservative to represent our state in the U.S. Senate. Thank you!

      Larry Holmquist

  5. The talk is done. Tommy Tucker is officially facing a primary challenge in senate district 35 (interesting that both senators in Union County are being primaried). Matthew Daly has filed as a candidate.

    1. Good to hear it! Tucker is more on the liberal side, and the dishonest smears that Dee Stewart used at the last minute to nominate him over Fern Shubert in 2010 were absolutely disgusting Fern was a great legislator and Tucker has been lousy. Conservatives should avoid any candidate that Dee Stewart or Paul Shumaker works for like the plague.

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