NCGOV 2016 Polls: McCrory, Cooper in dead heat

patroyWe’ve been hearing quite a bit of behind-the-scenes grumbling from GOP insiders and activists on both sides of the Raleigh beltline. A new poll from The Civitas Institute may be illustrating some of that.  The numbers?  Cooper 44, McCrory 43.   The poll has a rather high margin of error, +/- 4 percent, and was taken between June 18 and 22.

From what I hear from some old Democrat friends in southeastern North Carolina, Cooper should not be celebrating just yet.  A number of well-placed Dem sources in that part of the state tell me a rather serious, salient effort is in motion to put together a 2016 gubernatorial run for retiring congressman Mike McIntyre (D-Lumberton).  McIntyre had quite a bit of success winning conservative-leaning and church-going voters during his 18 years in DC.  He barely won his 2012 reelection bid in a new gerrymandered district that removed his hometown from his district. Seeing the writing on the wall, McIntyre decided to retire — at a rather young age and with a mid- to high-six figure balance in his campaign account.  My Democrat friends tell me there is a substantial bit of dissatisfaction with Cooper in the southeastern part of the state — even among elected Democrat sheriffs, prosecutors and judges.  There is a strong possibility that Cooper may have to navigate a bruising gubernatorial primary before getting a shot at McCrory.

For what it’s worth, Public Policy Polling released results on June 19 showing McCrory leading Cooper 44-42.  What should be alarming for McCrory in that survey is his 39-45  favorable/unfavorable rating.  The poll was conducted June 12-15 and involved 1076 respondents.  The margin of error was +/- 3 percent.

Regardless of WHO the Democrat gubernatorial nominee turns out to be, this polling should serve as a wakeup call to Team McCrory.  He won his November 2012 race with 55 percent of the vote.  Nearly two years later, he’s polling at 43-44 percent.  THAT is the wrong direction.  There is plenty of time to recover — but a serious effort needs to get underway YESTERDAY.

11 thoughts on “NCGOV 2016 Polls: McCrory, Cooper in dead heat

  1. McCrory is proving himself to be too much of a ‘ruling class Republican, aka, a corporatist. No thanks.

  2. Now which one is for growing the size of government, increased spending, increased taxes, more government regulation, assisting illegal invaders, and overall making life more costly for North Carolinians. Oh, the Republican Governor McCrory – okay got it. It’s a bit confusing now that there really is no difference.

  3. McCrory’s problem is massive dissatisfaction in the Republican base at the entire Republican elitist establishment. Conservatives may just sit out 2016.

  4. Will there ever be another Kennedy(John) democrat running for public office? Someone who actually believes in free market capitalism, and not this crony stuff being peddle around NC. A candidate who pushes for true excellence in education with more choices for parents. Higher salaries for competent teachers and an end to tax breaks for crony companies that have multi-million dollar executives. Lower taxes for all and use our gas tax to actually repair and build roads. Stop this Tholl Road nonsense! Kay Hagan is a true socialist who followed Obama every step of the way. I would never vote for her no matter how many false ads pop up on my computer screen.

    1. RMatthews if you believe in all those things you certainly could never vote for Tholl Road Thom Thillis either. What to do, what to do.

  5. McCrory endorsed Tillis, embraces Common Core, supports wind / solar subsidies and other central planning policies…good luck earning votes from conservatives.

    1. To win reelection, McCrory is going to have to learn that to conservative voters, issues matter. If Hawke were still around, there was a good chance that message would get through. Now, I just don’t know.

  6. Is there anyone less qualified to be a LEADER than milquetoast Roy ? omg, he makes me vomit…

    please democrackkks, can you not find anyone better ??? stop yourselves.

    1. This makes me smile. Even McCrory looks pretty good compared to our part time DA. However, if Mike McIntyre enters the race, look out. Only thing is, MikeMac might have trouble winning the Dem Primary. But if he did, McCrory better figure out how to magically wow his conservative base in a hurry.

  7. Since McCrory is deeply committed to Agenda 21, e.g., foreign owned toll roads, I see little difference between him and any establishment Dem like Cooper. However it is interesting to remember that the NCGOP let Roy Cooper run for re-election as AG UNOPPOSED. Could it be that the corrupt leaders of both parties have long planned to make Cooper the next Governor? I have yet to hear any explanation from Robin Hayes or any other NCGOP leader as to why Cooper was allowed to run unopposed in 2012.

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