NCGOP: No Peace for YOU!

I knew it was too good to be true.  Just when you thought some grownups had taken controlemily_NeverMind of the nonsense at the state GOP, we get THIS:

Dear Executive Committee,

It is with great regret that we must inform you that the email you received today from Chairman Harnett is patently false.

We are not currently discussing any proposals with Chairman Harnett. Over 200 members of the Executive Committee have signed petitions accusing the Chairman of gross inefficiency and major violations of the plan of organization. These are serious charges that must and will be heard on April 30th by the Executive Committee.

Gross Inefficiency?  *Wow. That IS serious.*   MORE: 

Several weeks of outreach to resolve these matters were met with silence by the Chairman. He declined to particisoup-nazipate in three recent Central Committee meetings.

In the first sentence of his email, he states:

“After many weeks of intensive debate and deliberation on the appropriate roles and responsibilities of the Party Chairman and Central Committee, and after a number of unfortunate allegations of illegal behavior by both parties, I am pleased to report the members of the NCGOP Central Committee and I are in the final stages of consummating a reconciliation document.”

At the urging of 4 District Chairmen who met unofficially with Chairman Harnett on April 10th, Chairman Harnett agreed to meet informally with members of the Central Snip20160418_1Committee. With less than 12 hours notice, approximately 30 members of the Central Committee from all over the state, met with the Chairman on Tuesday evening, April 12th. This was the first and only meeting that the Chairman has had with the Central Committee or any representative of the Central Committee since Feb 28th (over 7 weeks).

Um, you locked him out of the office, turned off his email, and TOLD him to stay away.  Remember?    MORE: 

The meeting was not productive. Chairman Harnett offered no explanation for violating our party rules or attacking Republicans in the press. He offered no plans to move forward and improve relations with the Central Committee members, elected officials, donors and Party staff. He did not hold himself accountable for his actions.

Oh, so he DIDN’T confess to all of the crap you made up so you’re pressing forward. *Nice.*  MORE:mrn2

We are not clear with whom he has had “many weeks of intensive debate and deliberation;” it has certainly not been the Central Committee or anyone acting on behalf of the Central Committee. We are stunned that the Chairman would make a statement like this that is so easily refuted. Many individuals have tried to have productive deliberations with him, but he has rebuffed, refused, and avoided discussions to address these matters.

Wait.  It’s FALSE for him to say there were ”intensive debate and deliberation.” But then you go on to say that ”many individuals have tried to have productive deliberations with him.”  Pick ONE and stick with it.   fh6r9t9SU2MvczG1Mrxc_Confused Ice Cube THUMB

He has failed time and time again to address the serious allegations against him.

Holy crap !!!!  The man has shouted to the heavens that this is all nonsense. In your twisted world, is “address the serious allegations” a synonym for CONFESS GUILT?

The document that the Chairman attached to the email was a proposal from a 3rd party to be used as a starting point for working towards a resolution. There was no discussion on the items in this document with the Central Committee as a body and there has been no agreement with anyone acting on behalf of the Central Committee. The Chairman rejected all offers that were proposed to him at the April 12th meeting, including discussing the items in the document he references. By releasing this document publicly and stating that we are “in the final stages,” the Chairman is demonstrating that he is unwilling to act in good faith.Dallas

We are also shocked that the Chairman released a video today attacking the Central Committee, several of our former NCGOP Chairmen, Republican elected officials and the NCGOP staff. It is unclear how the Chairman can be serious about any resolution while he continues to publicly fight against the Republican Party.

We do not see a path forward with Chairman Harnett. We fully expect there to be a vote for the removal of Chairman Harnett on April 30th. It is the only path forward we see for the North Carolina Republican Party.

Please make every effort to be at the April 30th Executive Committee meeting (McKimmon Center, 1101 Gorman St, Raleigh, NC at 10:00 AM).


Scott Cumbie, NCGOP Assistant Secretary, speaking for the vast majority of the Central Committee including but not limited to:

Garry Terry, 1st District Chair
Joyce Cotten, 2nd District Chair
Kim Cotten-West, 3rd District Chair
Matthew Arnold, 4th District Chair
Kevin Austin, 5th District Chair
Don Webb, 6th District Chair
Helen Pannullo, 7th District Chair
Kelsey Brown, 8th District Chair
John Steward, 9th District Chair
Ted Alexander, 10th District Chair
David Sawyer, 11th District Chair war
Zan Bunn, 13th District Chair

These folks are evil mental cases.  You can’t talk to them.  They’re ready to burn the whole house down to protect their little fiefdoms.  If you care about conservatism — about the GOP in this state — all of these crazy people need to GO AWAY.   Take your party back. 


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  1. Is this the same Scott Gumbie that lost a congressional runoff in 2010 to someone who lived 200 miles away? Good grief if that’s the best they got! I am truly LOL..

  2. Do we even know that message came from the Chairman? NCGOP has been known to send out things with Harnett’s name attached.

    1. from: Hasan Harnett
      to: Hasan Harnett
      bcc: recievingpersonsemail@domain.extention
      date: Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 10:56 AM
      subject: Reconciliation: NCGOP Executive Committee
      encryption: Standard (TLS) Learn more

      looks legit unless someone faked the header

  3. Toxhandler

    Chairman Harnett Posted the his communication on his website and sent it via E-mail. This stumps me.

    So Every Central Cmte member except Daniel signed on to this communication….

      1. Where are the adults? Imagine if we were this committed to defeating the Democrats. People are losing faith daily in our party! How low will they sink today??

        1. No one should ever put their faith in a party. A party is just a group of flawed humans gathered together.

          If you are going to put you faith in something it should be conservitive values that are based in the judeo-christian ethic

          The democrats also have nothing to fight about except how fast they can make evil happen

          The fight in the Republican party for truth is a much harder fight because you have some people in the party that would rather fight for evil

          It is a spiritual battle for the heart and soul of the party

    1. Not every Central Committee member; just Cubie and 12 of the 13 district chairmen. Those district chairmen are huge hypocrites on the issue of efficiency since they selfishly hang on to their district chairmanships when there district lines have been abolished by the legislature and new ones adopted. Those district organizations are going to mighty ineffective for Congressional elections this November. That is more grossly inefficient than anything they accuse the chairman of. Around half of them do not even live in their districts any more.

  4. The video was recorded weeks earlier and was not released by Hasan Harnett. The proposed peace treaty was misrepresented by a CC member as a document they had been negotiating with Harnett and would accept, if Harnett would agree to the terms. All disingenuous! We the people were had again!

    1. Not to worry..RFET is on this. Bad move for this crowd, the CC, to keep pushing this. Be there at 1:00 at the headquarters on Thursday and be heard!! Stay tuned

  5. Hasan is a great guy but I heard he quickly took to disliking the job. Other than that these big time elected and activist folks need to settle down and work it out. Quietly and off the record.

  6. Gross inefficiency????? Yes, the chairman has been grossly inefficient, but ONLY because he has been neutered from the very beginning by this power clique on the Central Committee, NOT because of anything he has done or not done. This Central Committee power clique has abused functions which have been the preserve of the chairman and of the Executive Committee to transfer them to themselves or to a suddenly expanded role of an Executive Director who is their flunky and whom they have set up as a rival to the chairman.

    The party has never operated in the past in the manner that this Central Committee is trying to operate it. From the beginning, they have sought to make the chairman a figurehead, which is an extremely inefficient way to run a party. They have inappropriately transfered much of his responsibilities to a poorly qualified Executive Director who has himself been horribly inefficient. They have also usurped power of the Executive Committee.

    Most bizarre of all from Scott Cumbie’s attempt to compare a political party organization to a business corporation (although the word is that Stark may have had a role in that nonsense, too). His analysis is just nuts and does not reflect a manner in which the NCGOP or any other political party organization I know of has ever operated. What it does do is illustrate the manner in which the power clique on the Central Committee wants to fundamentally transform the NCGOP and the way it operates internally by grabbing power for themselves.

    And yet they want to blame the chairman for what they have done to the party?

    Another inefficiency of this very group of district chairmen is their self-centered refusal to reorganize district organizations along the new district lines. The old district organizations will be absolutely useless for the Congressional races this fall because district lines are so radically different many places. This self-centered power trip of these district chairmen is a massive inefficiency that they all should be removed from office for.

    200 signatures? Have they been actually verified by anyone who is objective and neutral (that rules out Cotten-West and Stark)? NO, I did not think so. The kangaroo court nature of all of this is going to create divisions and bitterness in the party that will last a long time and most immediately blow up for candidates who are perceived to be establishment oriented this very November. That is NOT the way to win elections.

  7. The RINOs running things in North Carolina are governing like Democrats anyway.

    Tell the NCGOP to go screw themselves and just bit the bullet and vote against any pro-establishment RINO. Vote against McCrory, Burr, and any other so-called Republican that supports this palace coup.

  8. Hasan wants $$$.
    He knows that he has disappointed so many, now he just wants some big bucks to leave.
    Hasan is not such a grassroots candidate after all……is he.
    Nix is in full bloom and can’t wait to get the job……after all, she’s been undermining him for months.

    1. With a Central Committee that will not let him carry out the normal functions that past GOP state chairmen have carried out, how can you possibly blame Harnett? What we have is a power drunk clique on the Central Committee that is steering the party into the ditch. Harnett may be an early victim, but I expect the saddest victims of this Central Committee will be the GOP candidate who lose in November as a blowback from their power play.

    2. That isn’t who the Vice Chair is, nor is it how she operates. She isn’t one of the Central Committee goons and she knows perfectly well what she’d be forced to deal with if she were in the top spot.

    3. Bingo! Michele Nix is going to be in a for a rude awaking if she thinks she’s going to be chair, in fact she’s possibly more disliked by the establishment that Hasan.

    4. I doubt the VC has any interest in leaving a tenured profession to Chair this party for no pay or reimbursement. Since elected she has been visible, available and has performed her job impeccably. Could she be Chairman? Of course. She has no interest in this. As far as her VC job she is accountable and has connected with almost every organized County since June in person. And she’s doing all of this at her own expense and giving freely of her time. We need two of her.

      1. just to point out not all Chairman or Chairwomen have been volunteers working for no salary on the other hand other Chairman have gotten paid 6 figures plus during their term leading the NCGOP. Some Chairs when confronted on their salary told people in the party to look at FEC filings if they wanted to know how much they were being paid. And the Excom used to pass a budget with one line item for all salaries combined – This is the kind of transparency you would expect from the other side of the isle

        and when you question people about this they pretty much used to tell you to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP cause they are better republicans then you are so you should not be asking these questions

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