NCGOP leader: heads need to roll in Hasan-gate

Hasan-HarnettJim Womack is a widely-respected Republican leader.  He’s a military veteran, and has been a Lee County commissioner and an appointee in the McCrory administration.  He serves on the state GOP executive committee and is a member of the party’s resolutions committee.

In an email to his county party chairman and county executive committee, Womack minced no words in discussing the turmoil surrounding the state central committee and state party chairman Hasan Harnett:

[…] I keep hearing that all then dirty little details about Hasan’s actions will be forthcoming from the state GOP, but after a week or more nothing has been provided. This note and powerpoint from Hasan are pretty damning towards the Central Committee. I will again make a call for the resignation of everyone involved in1348851688-fracker-720x540 Hasan’s email being cut off at our district convention, and at the next state meeting or convention. In fact, I will be drafting a resolution demanding those resignations to present on the floor at the state convention. It is high time the Central Committee took a hard look at their over-reach and in failing to meet the will of the Executive Committee.

Hasan was duly elected by the rank and file. It is completely inappropriate and a slap in the face to the state GOP for this underhanded and non-transparent behavior to have taken place. Woodhouse needs to go, right along with anyone who had a role in any false allegations against Hasan and in his email being shut down without his consent.[…]

babyHere’s the powerpoint Womack references in his note.

For what it’s worth, it’s good to see a grownup trying to provide some leadership in this situation.  Where the heck are the governor, lieutenant governor, and US senators — the top of the GOP ticket in November? 

Some may dismiss all of this as too inside-baseball.  But the candidates need to be aware that this nonsense at the state party is leaving a bad taste in the mouths of a whole lot of folks they’re going to need to put out their campaign signs, canvass door-to-door, and work the polls for November. 

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  1. It’s an open question as to whether or not the State-wide officeholders understand how dangerous this affair may prove to them come November. After an acquaintance of mine in another county party told me that they’re considering backing up the Chairman by refusing to vote for any National delegate or slate of delegates not personally and publicly endorsed by him, I’m trying to convince folks in my county to do the same.

  2. Notice that Dan Forest professes to be a born again Christian but he lets the NCGOP Executive Director and the central comm lie about the party Chair. Forest is establishment who wears the clothes of the grass roots. Also consider that Forest endorsed Claude Pope – he even gave a speech for Claude. Forest then endorsed Craig Collins against Hasan.

    1. Forest has done more good than McCrory, but I was appalled when he went along with the Craig Collins cramdown and even more when he endorsed the Connect NC bond boondoggle. He is really a mixed bag, but preferable to some others.

  3. Those responsible for the failed sting know who they are. So does everyone else in Third District. Or they will if we are forced to air it all.

    Better find a way to stop this cloak and dagger garbage or we will end up having Obama on the US Supreme Court for the rest of my life.

    Fighting to hang on while overseeing your own investigation is a non starter, redistricting not withstanding. Fighting will only invite outside eyes to come a prying. Those eyes may have court orders with them. Stand down, mutineers.

  4. Thank God for Jim Womack’s candid comments (above) and his refreshingly honest assessment of what’s going on in NCGOP’s headquarters. As a dedicated, involved local volunteer, I’m truly appalled by the silence and benign neglect of our governor, two US senators and most of our congressional delegation when it comes to standing up for integrity and principled behavior, not to mention coming quickly to the defense of an elected GOP Chairman who’s worked tirelessly to build and promote our party despite unrelenting back-stabbing and repeated calls for his resignation from a coalition of devious, dishonest political butt-plugs who do nothing of value for this State or for what’s left of the Republican party. Seriously, folks, it’s high time to send these charlatans and habitual liars elsewhere.

  5. Thank you Jim for your comments. I have been a republican for my entire adult life. I’ve served two terms as a county GOP chairman, and have been one of only four elected republican county commissioners in the history of Chatham County. However, for the first time, our district and state “leadership” had me questioning whether I wanted to remain involved with GOP. I had all but decided that I would not attend the 2nd district convention or the state convention because I don’t want another penny of my money going to support their behavior.

    Your note has reminded me that it isn’t the GOP that is the problem. The problem is a small group of people concerned about maintaining their title, influence, and position within the bureaucracy. Our platform and core values have not changed and they are worth fighting for. Many of the people involved in this debacle have an impressive history of grassroots work but they appear to have forgotten what is important. It is time they resign for the good of our state. I will attend the convention and support Jim’s resolution demanding those resignations. I encourage every eligible republican to do the same. We must hold our party officials accountable if we expect to maintain any credibility when asking the democrats to do the same.

    Brian Bock
    Chatham County GOP

    1. Amen, Brian. I will stand with you at the D2 convention. The GOP cannot afford to lose someone like you.

  6. This is a critical election year. We have important races to win, which may be close. We do not need the sort of fights that some on the Central Committee have started with the chairman. These public fights are going to hurt our candidates. Cooler heads need to prevail, and they seem to be largely absent from our current Central Committee. Give the egos a rest, folks!

  7. Chairman Bock stated “Your note has reminded me that it isn’t the GOP that is the problem. The problem is a small group of people concerned about maintaining their title, influence, and position within the bureaucracy.”

    This in fact is the same problem with Washington DC, and why the rank and file Republicans are so angry with the establishment.

    Personally, I think all the Central Committee should resign.

  8. Finally a Republican with balls to say officially what needed to be said. Mr Wood house, Chairperson COTTEN, Chairperson Cotton-West and the rest of those ego driven vipers the honorable thing to do before you are tried, found guilty and removed dishonorably is resign.

    Do not let this racist stain of treason color every Republican citizen and official in NC negatively because of your avarice and selfish ambition. The game is up and the Central Committee loses.

  9. Regardless of the substance of the charges against Chairman Harnett, the Central Committee overstepped their authority. While merely censuring the Chairman is probably within the scope of their power, their actions beyond that – shutting off email, banning from state GOP offices, etc. – are certainly not authorized by the Plan of Organization.

    See more at

  10. The first heads which need to roll for this are the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. Both David Lewis and Ada Fisher have been ringleaders of the anti-Harnett, anti-grassroots mafia since the last convention adjourned. They both come up for reelection at the upcoming state convention and can be defeated there.

    A conservative legislator has announced against Lewis, and we need to get behind him.

    I have not heard of an announced candidate yet against Fisher, but we need one. There is a rumor that she might try to pass her seat to another one of the anti-Harnett anti-grassroots ringleaders, Zann Bunn. That needs to be stopped if it develops.

    Ada Fisher has another critical reason she needs to be dumped. She was given instructions, along with David Lewis, by resoution of the state executive committee to vote in the RNC to repeal an RNC rule that was very anti-grassroots. The GOP National Committeeman from Virginia was leading the fight to repeal that rule. Lewis ducked the meeting, so he did not vote. Fisher went, but voted the establishment position, against the instructions she had been given by the state executive committee. When she returned to NC, she told party leaders she had done as instructed, but a video recording of the RNC meeting clearly shows that she lied. Three or four GOP district organizations passed resolutions demanding an investigation by the state Central Committee of Fisher’s thumbing her nose at the Executive Committee instructions and then lying about it. Claude Pope, with collusion by others on the Central Committee swept the issue under the rug. They appointed a committee which proceeded to sit on it and do nothing and never reported.

    There is a good article on the Haymaker about Ada Fisher fiasco.

    Lewis needs to go. Fisher needs to go.

  11. Harnett is a fool to play this out in news and public. Who would ever want a whinner like that back?
    Dump him ASAP and move own.
    He is one..,,,we’re going to lose it all if we don’t work together

    1. Steve……..are you a CC member?? How else does this man get any justice? We absolutely need to know the truth & right now the State Party would rather rule by intimidation. Dumping Hasan and replacing him with an establishment candidate is just what they want, I ain’t buying it!

    2. I think you have it ass-backward as to who is playing this out in the media. The Central Committee sent out a Press Release to ”interested persons” on their charges against Harnett. If that is not playing it out in the media, I do not know what is. Once they put it out there, then it was fair game for Harnett to respond the same way. It is sad that we are in this factional war when we should be uniting to elect our candidates.

  12. Steve are you on the Central Committee?

    Defending yourself against false statements and falsely trying to hack the NCGOP computer system is far from being a whiner!

    This small group of people who wants to put a ring in your and everyone else’s nose and lead us around doing and saying anything they want….

    Like we need to be sure to have the control of the National Degelates and to do that we will lie and make life hell for the NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett from day one till we can get rid of him!

    We get to pick who we want! We want all the control so we can tell the party what to do. We can not let any thing take our power away to have things our way only!

    Central Cimmittee people you know who the leaders are and if you are one you may want to resign before court papers are served! If you are on the CC and just believed what they said then maybe you need to step out and tell them to resign!

    Thank you Daily Haymaker for shinning the light on the truth over and over as to what, who and why they have done these deeds Of tricks and lies!

  13. No….no official here…. but you must admit their collective party experience verses his is something to ponder.
    There are better ways to be involved, for example really supporting candidates with $ is way more fun,
    Harnett is a whiner and should man up.
    Don’t you think he’s playing this as far as it can go before he gets paid off?

  14. The Central Committee is going to be hard pressed to point to which of his duties they claim Hasan Harnett is deficient in because the Plan of Organization does NOT make raising money one of the duties of the chairman. Central Committee members saying it is so does not make it so. It is simply not one of the chairman’s responsibilities. Read the POO.

    Secondly, if they wanted him to raise money, constantly undercutting him and having the Executive Director usurp his real duties is hardly a way to put him in a position to raise money. The Central Committee majority has been deliberately undercutting the chairman’s credibility from day one. Cutting his access to party databases and even his email on and off is also not a way to enhance his ability to raise money.

  15. I can conveniently say that after state conventions in Wilmington, Greensboro and Charlotte,I am too old to traipse off to another state convention. I do feel badly for the small people in the party jousting with the professionals, and I think this points out that the spiritual problems at the root of our decline extend into our party apparatus.

    You have my prayers — keep fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

  16. Removal of Hasan by te NCGOPe will be a catastrophe! We can kiss our chances of electing any Republican candidates in November good by!
    D2 Chair Cotten is one of the ring leaders. We need to let her know that this will not be tolerated! Call her, message her, go to he FB page, tweet and show up at D2 Convention this Saturday in support of Hasan! This insanity must be stopped!

    1. The D2 convention is not until Saturday the 9th of April. District 3 is this Saturday the 2nd.

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