NCGOP $$$ intake under Harnett beats Hayes (not far from Daves, Pope)

Hasan-HarnettHasan Harnett’s lynch mob has been using alleged “hacking” and alleged fundraising incompetence as their motivation for ending the current state party chairman’s reign early.  Apparently, from today’s Wall Street Journal, the mob is backing off the hacking B.S. and is running with the fundraising incompetence angle.

We decided to do some digging to see how well this fundraising incompetence allegation stands up — or doesn’t.  If you troll on over to the FEC database, you can find month-by-month filings from the NC GOP going back YEARS.

To be fair, we compared Harnett against three previous chairmen for the first nine months of their chairmanships.   Linda Daves was eclaude popelected to a full term as chairman in June 2007.  According to FEC records — from July 1 2007 to March 1 2008 —  the NCGOP had receipts totaling $753,044.80.

Robin Hayes served from June 2011 to June 2013. According to FEC filings — from July 2011 to March 1 2012 — the NCGOP had receipts totaling $595,588.31.

Claude Pope served as NCGOP chairman from June 2013 to June 2015.  According to the party’s FEC filings – from July 1 2013 to March 1 2014 – the NCGOP had receipts totaling $791,161.07.  220px-Robin_Hayes,_official_109th_Congress_photo

Hasan Harnett was elected chairman in June 2015.  He’s been locked out of the headquarters building, his party email, and party fundraising databases on-and-off since that time. He’s also had to deal with the rise of affiliated committees and donors being told to sit on their hands.  According to FEC filings — from July 1 2015 to March 1 2016 – the NCGOP had receipts totaling $658,783.67.

6a00e54eee7f20883400e55134d4c18834-800wiSo, let’s recap.  The allegedly incompetent NCGOP chairman has presided over a party that has taken in more than it did under Robin Hayes during the same time period, and is not far off from the marks set by Linda Daves and Claude Pope.  I don’t remember anyone in authority calling for Robin Hayes’s head over “fundraising incompetence.”

Also, of note — Pope took a six-figure salary. (Also, to my knowledge, Neither Hayes, Pope, nor Daves were harassed daily by people who are supposed to be their teammates nor locked out of the office, email, or files.  Pope, Hayes, and Daves also didn’t have to deal with funds being diverted to affiliated committees and super PACs.)    Harnett is not taking a salary.

14 thoughts on “NCGOP $$$ intake under Harnett beats Hayes (not far from Daves, Pope)

  1. Makes you wonder how well Hasan Harnett would have done if he was given access to the complete NCGOP data base and the list of doners! Plus, the genuine support of staff and elected officials!

    As Chairman he has put more miles on his car going to GOP events than any Chairman! When he was invited, he would go and give a positive message about the NCGOP, answer any concerns and when asked he would try to help groups and candidates.

    Now he has to have Dallas Woodhouse approve events if he is going to be reimbursed for his travel expenses. They do not want the Chairman to speak!
    And with the resolution they are saying no reimbursement. He is not paid a salary and is told he will not be paid expenses!?!?

    They want to limit him even more with no access to emails, voice mails, websites, to the NCGOP HQ.

    Very upsetting!

    1. Hassan Harnett paid the “grass roots” Haywood County GOP Executive Board a surprise visit soon after he was elected! He stepped into our meeting unannounced and gave a great motivational speech. He promoted the STATE GOP efforts to unite Republicans and encouraged us to work to get Republicans elected. He stayed to have a meal with our leadership and left late that night to drive 6 hours back to Raleigh! We here in Haywood County support Our Chairman Hassan Harnett!

  2. We have had a palace coup by a party mafia on the Central Committee. This party mafia is as secretive as its Sicilian cousin. They put gag orders on anything that is done at Central Committee meetings and throw other party leaders out of the meetings. They even threw out the state vice chairman because she would not agree to their gag order. I hear they are even threatening to sue any Central Committee member who does not follow the gag order. I don’t think they would get to first base in court, but who wants to have to hire a lawyer to defend themselves? These arrogant party dictators, with their gag order, refuse to discuss what is going on with members of the executive committee. There is no longer any transparency within the party, just a little bullying gang on the Central Committee that thinks it should control everything. They want to exclude both the chairman and the state executive committee from their roles in the party. It is way past time to put a stop to this crap.

  3. We have elections to win in a few months. We can not afford to lose any of them. It is time for all the “GOPers” that have sabotaged the Harnett chairmanship to resign. Do it today! Let’s get a clean start and hit the nitrous.

  4. Go look at the financials. Most of that is RNC money. The Establishment is paying the bills.

  5. The NCGOP claims Hasan has only raised $35,000.
    Is this Common Core math? The establishment claims they have been paying the bills.

  6. Same then was true for all the rest. That means Dallas is taking his orders from the RNC. IF THIS PARTY WAS HONEST AND HAD OPEN BOOKS. Did not sign silence contracts. Did not endorse candidates before the primary. Answer questions and treat all the same. Most of all operate by the same rules they use on others. They would have all the money they need.

  7. Lets be honest for a bit. I know it is hard but look at all that data on FEC report link in this article and when the Executive Committee cannot even get a printed out copy of the budget to hold in each persons own hand before the body is asked to pass the thing. The party has problems and this started long before the current Chairman came along for the ride.

    What if the democrats or the press find out our numbers… stupid excuses used by people trying to control their own power

    If people think the Chair is the problem they should keep looking because the problems internally in the party happened long before he was ever elected to office. They have only been allowed to rise to the surface because he is not going along with the status quo of how things have been done in recent years

    The truth is anyone that asks questions about how the party operates is not someone the party wants to keep around

    1. The Plan of Organization does NOT list raising money as one of the duties of the chairman. How can you go after a chairman for his performance of an extra effort, above and beyond what his actual duties are under the POO????????

        1. You cannot just set up a straw man and knock it down. The truth that you establishment clowns do not want to admit is that this ”#1 job” is NOT NOT NOT anywhere in the Plan of Organization!!!!!

          Fundraising is something that everyone in the party leadership should be concerned with, but the specific officers charged with it under the Plan of Organization are the Finance Chairman and the Assistant Finance Chairman, NOT the state Chairman.

          Show me ANYTHING in the POO that gives the responsibility of fundraising to the state chairman or shut your establishment piehole. Give me the specific language and the Article, section, and subsection.

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