NCGOP $$$ intake under Harnett beats Hayes (not far from Daves, Pope)

Hasan-HarnettHasan Harnett’s lynch mob has been using alleged “hacking” and alleged fundraising incompetence as their motivation for ending the current state party chairman’s reign early.  Apparently, from today’s Wall Street Journal, the mob is backing off the hacking B.S. and is running with the fundraising incompetence angle.

We decided to do some digging to see how well this fundraising incompetence allegation stands up — or doesn’t.  If you troll on over to the FEC database, you can find month-by-month filings from the NC GOP going back YEARS.

To be fair, we compared Harnett against three previous chairmen for the first nine months of their chairmanships.   Linda Daves was eclaude popelected to a full term as chairman in June 2007.  According to FEC records — from July 1 2007 to March 1 2008 —  the NCGOP had receipts totaling $753,044.80.

Robin Hayes served from June 2011 to June 2013. According to FEC filings — from July 2011 to March 1 2012 — the NCGOP had receipts totaling $595,588.31.

Claude Pope served as NCGOP chairman from June 2013 to June 2015.  According to the party’s FEC filings – from July 1 2013 to March 1 2014 – the NCGOP had receipts totaling $791,161.07.  220px-Robin_Hayes,_official_109th_Congress_photo

Hasan Harnett was elected chairman in June 2015.  He’s been locked out of the headquarters building, his party email, and party fundraising databases on-and-off since that time. He’s also had to deal with the rise of affiliated committees and donors being told to sit on their hands.  According to FEC filings — from July 1 2015 to March 1 2016 – the NCGOP had receipts totaling $658,783.67.

6a00e54eee7f20883400e55134d4c18834-800wiSo, let’s recap.  The allegedly incompetent NCGOP chairman has presided over a party that has taken in more than it did under Robin Hayes during the same time period, and is not far off from the marks set by Linda Daves and Claude Pope.  I don’t remember anyone in authority calling for Robin Hayes’s head over “fundraising incompetence.”

Also, of note — Pope took a six-figure salary. (Also, to my knowledge, Neither Hayes, Pope, nor Daves were harassed daily by people who are supposed to be their teammates nor locked out of the office, email, or files.  Pope, Hayes, and Daves also didn’t have to deal with funds being diverted to affiliated committees and super PACs.)    Harnett is not taking a salary.