#ncgop: Impeachment for ‘gross inefficiency’

dlSeriously?  We can do that?  (Wow. Talk about a great method for down-sizing government.) 

There were fireworks this weekend when Third Congressional District Republican leaders got together.  They had state Rep. and RNC committeeman David Lewis on their minds.  And what they were thinking was not very nice. 

The group drew up articles of impeachment  and a formal complaint against the Harnett County Republican, a close ally of House speaker Tim Moore.  The articles and compliant seek a hearing to begin removing Lewis from his position representing North Carolina on the Republican National Committee.

The charges against Lewis center on his involvement in watering down the state’s Voter ID law, and his efforts to push H373 and S119 — a/k/a that ”affiliated committee” business — through the legislature.

It is our understanding that all that’s needed for the impeachment to go forward is 50 signatures of NCGOP executive committee members.


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  1. so how should the members of the executive committee communicate with each other? This is a problem with the committee. The committee needs a password protected forum that the members can discuss issues in a timely manner and to also communicate with the chairman, vice chair women, and executive director

    I very thankful to the daily haymaker but a lot of the problems talked about here could be dealt with faster and more properly if we did not have to communicate with each other in comments here when it comes to dealing with state party issues

      1. yes it is easy enough to do but this needs to be a movement with support from the committee. So I bring it up to try to get support from others on the committee so we can make forward progress on this issue

  2. Burr, Ellmers, Lewis and Rabin will never see my vote; none are Conservative and for limited government.

  3. Now, lets see which of the continual posters here who serve on the EC will actually step forward and sign this.


    1. Since I asked the person in question to do the honorable thing and resign I have no problem signing it

      1. If Lewis had an ounce of intergrity, he would resign after he betrayed the party like this. Actually, he would have resigned before he betrayed the party.

        1. well I just wish he would have never done anything for us to be upset at him for that would have been the best outcome

          the problem with politics I have learned and that I should never had to learn being a republican is you never know who you can trust. I try and have tried to have honest motives and when I am pointing out something in a meeting I am doing it for the party and not for myself. I just hope I can stay this way because the longer I am around politics the more other disappoint and I hope I am never that person to someone else

  4. Sounds like an excellent beginning to me. We are constantly being sold down the river. Time to stop being passive. Perhaps if we ger impeachmentt in this case we can get some serious action with others who are actively thwarting the desires of the voters. (Yes, I am thinking of Burr being recalled. No empty threats, just action)!

    1. We don’t have to re-hire Burr come March. Most people don’t even know he has challengers. Spread the word.

  5. Glad to see you guys getting on board with this if you support it. TBH, wasn’t referring to you. I am referring to the County and District Chairs who rabble rouse but somehow always seem to be absent from the fight. They are in positions of day to day responsibility and authority and have to work with all wings of the party (this isn’t to diminish the importance of non-chairs to the party’s work). I want to see how many County and District Chairs actually put their names on this. If they support this and aren’t willing to do so, then they need to STFU about expecting ANY legislator to be willing to take risks because legislators have public elections to win and they need ALL parts of the party’s support, not just the small government activists.

    Walk the walk, County and District Chairs!


    1. I am curious who would replace David Lewis as RCN Chairman if he is indeed impeached. I would be naïve to believe this decision has not been only discussed within the 3rd District, but with Central Committee and Executive Committee members. Include in addition GOP lawmakers including Governor Pat McCrory. There are 2 persons probably 3 who heads are being called for within the establishment NCGOP. Let’s see besides David Lewis, Hasan Harnett & Michelle Nix fill out the bill. The smell of blood in the water is too appealing. There are many options to fill these vacant positions. As a member myself on the NCGOP Executive Committee I am sick of the division and ill will. We are not the enemy. Still I have taken notice lately of the loud and self promoting. AJ Daoud Chairman of the 6th District is a constant either having his eyes on the National Committeeman or the becoming the interim next NCGOP Chairman. He has been traveling the state with his brand of goodwill as he did even prior to his announcement of running for the Chairman of the NCGOP. AJ always seems to be heard and seen in any state executive meeting setting one way or another. AJ is a likable fellow, but he way too obvious. What and why he is doing something can not be coincidental on the surface. It’s a lot more devious then “for the good of the party”. Perceived power of office is a great appeal and ego boost.

      1. While I personally do not have someone to support for the next RNC national committee man. I believe the next person for this position should not be a person that is a currently elected official unless they resign their post for this position. The next national committee man needs to were one hat and one hat only

        1. Art Pope would be a good choice, and a lot more unifying than bomb thrower David Lewis. Pope would have appeal across factional lines, and has a tremendous stature in the party and the state.

          1. The occupant of that seat needs to be a scorched earth, take-no-prisoners, conservative warrior, not the country club variety we’ve been electing. RNC needs a good, swift kick which it won’t get it from the usual suspects on the Central Committee.

      2. I am curious. Has he signed on to your efforts to impeach Lewis? If not, why not?

        If not, why aren’t you fine folks calling for HIM to resign? If supporting Boehner or McConnell is enough for some of you to want their supporters to be primaried, then why isn’t it enough for supports of Lewis to be asked to resign?

        The truth is, it is so very easy to attack legislators for not providing the leadership you want them to even calling them corrupt or evil but so much harder to WALK THE WALK YOURSELVES.

        Still waiting to see the names of those chairs who have endorsed this call for impeachment. Still waiting to see YOUR outrage at the chairs for not supporting it. Do you not see how you look like hypocritical, belligerent troublemakers instead of the principled conservatives you aspire to be?

          1. I wouldn’t hold my breath on AJ, he’s one more miss-step from being blackballed entirely from the North Carolina political class.

  6. What David Lewis did is just so downright evil in so many ways, he deserves the sack. From the party’s standpoint, he made a blatant act against a party he is an officer of and has a duty to.

    From the citizens’ perspective, and good government perspective, an even bigger evil is the concentration of power in the Speaker at the expense of the members. That means the members kowtow to the Speaker instead of representing their constituents. We saw the scenario play out in Congress with the heavy handedness of John Boehner and his abuse of power to punish conservatives like our own Mark Meadows and Walter Jones, as well as other conservatives across the country. Tim Moore is going down the same path and needs to be stopped.

    Congressman Louis Gohmert has written a good piece on the problem of concentration of power and abuse of power by the Speaker of the US House and the need for institutional reform over even the personality of the next Speaker:


    Congressman Dan Webster has spoken on the same subject on the Laura Ingraham radio show. Webster is a former Speaker of the Florida House who led the effort to reform the rules and reduce the power of his own office as Speaker.

    In North Carolina, a long tradition of one term Speakers for many years prevented the development of an Imperial Speaker. Carl Stewart broke that to win a second term, and his successor Liston Ramsey began to seriously concentrate and abuse power as he tried to be Speaker for life. That blew up in his face when a group of members of his own party led by Joe Mavretic, upset with Ramsey’s abuse of power, allied with the GOP caucus to overthroe Ramsey and elect Mavretic Speaker.

    Tim Moore is going down the same road as Liston Ramsey, and for the good of the GOP as well as good government, he needs to be stopped. Removing his ally David Lewis from his position as National Committeeman may be a wake up call for legislators.

  7. There is nothing “evil” about power being concentrated in a few hands. Oppose the transfer of the committees to the legislators as a power grab, underhanded, whatever, but its not “evil”. There is nothing in the Christian tradition that opposes power being concentrated by one person or a small group. it is how that power is exercised that makes it evil or not.

    Over the top rhetoric is what turns people off to “grassroots activists” to begin with and engaging in such hyperbole is EXACTLY WHY it is so hard for so many people, including like minded legislators or voters, to take you guys seriously. In my humble opinion.

    1. Titus 1:7 – “For an overseer (Elder of the church), as God’s steward, must be above reproach. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain.”

      I would interpret this verse to show (Christian tradition that opposes power being concentrated by one person or a small group) the basis for being against the power grab. If you substitute the government for the church and gods steward in this case would be the countries people then our elected leaders need to be above reproach and do every action for the benefit of the people and not themselves thus this power grab could be called EVIL because it looks corrupts it looks greedy and self-serving and in this case it looks like it is direct action against the people in this party

      1. This reference to St, Paul’s letter to Titus talks about the Elder’s character, not how much power or influence he wields.

        1. Could one not judge Elder’s Character by how he handles the power he controls ?

          greedy for power
          greedy for riches
          greedy in envy

          yea the Elder’s is judged by how he handles all things in his life and most important when when what he does effects others that he is over

          1. Absolutely. It is not how MUCH power he wields but rather HOW he wields that power that is a basis for a judgment of an elder’s character.

    2. Wow. That is just what Stalin, Castro, Idi Amin, Hitler, Mussolini, Papa Doc Duvalier, and others of their ilk thought.

      Me, I prefer democracy and open government.

      1. This may come as a surprise to you, GUWonder, democracy sprang from a pagan culture, certainly not from a Christian or Jewish one. Scripture speaks of Kings not Presidents.

        its perfectly fine for you to prefer democracy over other forms of government and many good people and many good Christian do. But your preference for democracy does not make other forms of government evil, If the Christian tradition supports one form of government over another, the argument could only be made in favor of a monarchy. Christ left His Church in the hands of men he appointed and they appointed others to replace them as leaders as they died out. No evidence in Scripture of the Christian faithful voting for their leaders. There is nothing sacred about democracy for all of the benefits and positive attributes it may have.

  8. One of my favorite movies is The Hunt For Red October (based on the Tom Clancy book)..
    Jack Ryan (played by Alec Baldwin) is in a post-meeting discussion with National Security Advisor Dr. Jeffrey Pelt (played by Richard Jordan).
    Dr. Pelt says: “Listen, I’m a politician which means I’m a cheat and a liar; and when I’m not kissing babies, I’m stealing their lollipops.”

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