NCGOP: Hayes DONE, King goes to Congress




The NCGOP convention should be interesting this summer.  Chairman Robin Hayes has announced his plans to not seek reelection to the post.   Vice-chairman Wayne King has taken a position with newly-elected congressman Mark Meadows (R-11th).

Former legislator Glen Bradley has announced his intention to pursue the vice-chairman post.  I have heard from activists of all stripes curious about Hayes’s silence about reelection. Today’s announcement should generate a good bit of discussion in the state’s GOP circles.  I tend to believe that Hayes’s announcement was meant to clear a path for an establishment-anointed chairman candidate to step into the spotlight.

I guess King COULD run for chairman.  But how would THAT work — a paid aide to a sitting congressman serving as party chairman?

Hopefully, someone competent and acceptable will step forward to run for the post.  If the NCGOP is not careful, they may end up in a situation similar to what the NCDP is dealing with.

5 thoughts on “NCGOP: Hayes DONE, King goes to Congress

  1. When I retired from my job of 28 years, it was because I wanted to spend more time with my grandchildren. I have talked to Hayes on several occasions and never liked they way this blog speaks of him. Upon my retirement I certainly would not have the moniker “quitter” pasted to my name. Hayes served the party well and as far as I am concerned his choice not to seek a second term is NOT quitting.
    For all you or I know, the geniuses in McCrory’s office are forcing him out. One thing is FOR SURE- whoever the eventual winner is for the Chairs race, Brant Clifton will surely dub him or her with a disrespecting nickname and tear them down at every chance. As far as I’m concerned, with the reach, and credibility that this blog self describes, it is time to get in this thing and make an endorsement. But that certainly wouldn’t be prudent. It will be much easier to editorialize criticism of each candidate as they declare.

  2. The usual pattern has been for the establishment incumbent to step aside and let the heir apparent be elected by the executive committee so they can run as an incumbent at the convention. They have about run out of time to do that this year.

    I have never heard of Jack Brosch. Who is he?

  3. Just a correction its Mark Meadows…not Alan Meadows…but your point about King running for Chair is absolutely valid.

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