#ncgop [Fear of a five-letter word]

auditWe wrote earlier about discussions by insiders of possibly transferring a bunch of money out of NCGOP coffers right under the nose of new NCGOP chairman Hasan Harnett.

The big question: WHY?   (Well, pull up a chair and I’ll tell you.)

There’s been a hubbub in the House Republican Caucus about money management.  Apparently, money raised by the House and Senate caucuses over on Jones Street all gets dumped into a sort-of “pass-through” account overseen by a small handful at NCGOP HQ. There have been accusations swirling that money meant to support the macro-level reelection efforts of caucus members was ending up in individual legislators’ campaign accounts — as well as those of certain key consultants.

ncgopIt is our understanding that ONE key House member is already making installment payments to reimburse a Florida-based consulting firm that had contracted with House Republicans.  Somehow, money meant to pay for a contractual deal to benefit all House Republicans ended up in this legislator’s bank account. 

A new NCGOP chairman who is not part of the Raleigh clique — like, say, Hasan Harnett — could call for the party’s accounts to be audited. (That’s right, AUDIT.  Five letters.)

It is our understanding that an audit (or even the hint of one) could cause quite a few well-connected sphincters on Jones Street, Hillsborough Street, Blount Street, and elsewhere in The City of Oaks, to pucker up tight.  Gosh, wouldn’t that be fun? 


6 thoughts on “#ncgop [Fear of a five-letter word]

  1. Hasan Harnett better be very wary and surround himself with some people that know the process and potential trickery. Exec Director Todd Poole is not his friend and must be watched closely.

    1. Your accusation demonstrates you have never met nor done business with Todd Poole. You must be judging on his employers as a whole. Let me assure you and everyone else, Todd Poole is a very honest and FAIR executive director. I hope Hasan recommends to Central Committee to do what it takes to retain Todd Poole.

      Todd Bennett
      Farmville, NC
      Member Republican Liberty Caucus.

      1. I have both met and done business with Todd Poole. My experiences have not been the same as yours. All 100 counties and people can’t have the same experiences. You have yours and I have mine. I would recommend that Chairman Hasan Harnett push the Central Committee to replace him with a person of the Chairman’s choice.

    2. You need to explain reasons why before calling someone out to be replaced

      I made sure before voting for our new chairman that he would do everything he could to keep our current executive director but the executive dirrector does not work for the chairman he works for the central committee.

      Todd has always been receptive anytime i wanted to talk to him. He is a asset to this party

  2. Now, Brant. Don’t be going and giving certain County Chairs ideas (and several District Chairs I can think of).


  3. Yeah, it’s called damn money laundering or reverse money laundering of sorts funneled through multiple accounts, distribution is easier to the ultimate end user when confusion is employed.

    Hasan Harnett and Michelle Nix should not believe anything the outgoing cabal is telling them. They should take charge from day one and run the ship according to their good accountability. They should keep the circle tight with Chair and Vice Chair Michelle in regular consult and contract independent outside professional services initially to see what kind of mess they are inheiriting and have a good paper trail and a documented and validated audit. In doing so we’ll all be surprised at what pops out of Pandora’s box. Small abnormalities present if not documented and disclosed now, will grow into full blown scandals overtime and they don’t want to be inheiriting that. Congratulations to the Harnett / Nix team. We’re all real proud of you.

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