#ncgop: “Dude, where’s my web site?”

The lefties are going nuts on social media. They are savaging the NCGOP for allegedly ruining public education.  They are savaging the GOP majority on Jones Street over redistricting.  They are ripping a federal judge nominee from North Carolina a new one. And, yet, it appears Team Dallas has waved the white flag on the cyberspace front.

I decided to check in on the state GOP website this weekend.  And, lo and behold, it appears to have been abandoned on June 20, 2017. At least, that is what you would deduce from clicking on the “latest news” link:

So.  NOTHING newsworthy in the last seven months?

The timing of the abandonment is interesting.  Robin Hayes got reelected chairman on June 3.  

I also tried checking to see what was going on with Republicans across the state:

That’s right.  According to this, there is absolutely NOTHING GOP-oriented scheduled within 100 miles of me (which includes Raleigh).

There’s no information on the state GOP staff or the party leadership or even the top-level elected officials.

Let’s contrast that with what state Democrats have.

They’ve got a mobile friendly site that helps you connect with Democrats county-by-county.  They have up to the minute social media feeds. They’ve got directories for ALL of the top-level Democrat leadership. There are also resources there for candidates and potential candidates.  (*Kinda gives you a warm feeling about the 2018 ground game, huh?*)

It would be interesting to see if someone has been getting paid to maintain the NCGOP site since June. 



18 thoughts on “#ncgop: “Dude, where’s my web site?”

  1. Those current District Chairs whom were District Chairs two years ago are responsible, period. The NCGOP has been a grotesque, corrupt comedy of errors since the last lawfully elected Chairman was ousted, and we’re going to pay for it this year.

  2. As long as the NCGA leadership is assured that someone they control is in charge at the party and they can continue to use the party as a vehicle to provide their handpicked consultants jobs, they’re not interested in the party actually organizing or doing anything. It exists purely as a means to launder money and provide patronage, nothing more. The House and Senate Caucuses raise their own election funds and use redistricting to insulate themselves from actually having to run competitive races, so the only reason they even fight to control the state party is to ensure it’s not a vehicle for actual activism, which legislative leaders regard as a nuisance, not an asset.

  3. the NCGOP website has been a how would Trump call it a Sh##-Hole for years this has been attempted to be address in past executive committee meeting for years

    seriously you cannot even find dates for the upcoming state convention or location of the convention or any information about upcoming county or district conventions or how to get involved

    but then again it works like this every year for as long as I can remember

    the closest thing to find out about the upcoming 2018 state convention is this tweet


    the convention is not even listed on the Hickory
    Convention Center calendar either

    anyone could do a better job than the current NCGOP leadership #ConservativeBeforeRepublican

  4. GOP complainers are simply making a stronger case for an organized “independent” movement, not another political party. How long will it take good conservatives to understand that the GOP is an integral, controlled part of the political Establishment? Even the strangely silent Lt. Governor is meekly awaiting his turn to take the helm of this organization. If he won’t lead real opposition now, he won’t be doing it in office. Ho Hum.

  5. They probably can’t afford to pay someone to keep the site up. They aren’t even keeping up with those who have left the party as evidenced by the continual stream (albeit less often) of fundraising letters that keep showing up with my name on them. I hope they’re getting the message that We The People aren’t even remotely interested in their candidates or their agenda, which lately appears to the be to the left of the Dems. Our challenge is to find and fund people with a brain and a spine that won’t get deluded by the Swamp Dwellers in Raleigh and DC. #wontbefooledagain

  6. We are in the middle of a launch of a brand new website, as we speak.
    All of the content and information has not been moved over. It is why we have not promoted or announced the new site.

    The new site will also power 100 new county websites and provide those counties new websites for free

    1. WHY would you go live with a half–done, incomplete web site? What serious, professional organization does that?

    2. excuses excuses excuses please keep making them it totally justifies me when I say anyone could do your job better than you do at least I know I could do your job better than you do without a doubt

    3. “The new site will also power 100 new county websites and provide those counties new websites for free”…

      Powered by what, that solar energy that y’all crave? Seeing is believing.

      1. That first part is actually maybe not all that accurate for the simple reason that there are some county parties that absolutely will not go for their social media being connected to NCGOP. Or so I’ve been informed by several leaders.

    4. Still no excuse not to have the website updated when you have paid staff and the ability to hire interns.

      Have all the county chairman been included in forming this decision?

    1. First lets be clear #Conservative values are not a joke

      but regarding the organizational functioning of the party’s internal workings the state NC GOP and the leadership during the last 10 to 15 years clearly has been a joke

      The only way to change it is to #DefundTheNCGOP

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