Sex Week! (*Um, yay?*)

Cookies & Condoms. “F*** like your life depends on it.”  A stage production of “Tales from ‘Down There.’ ”  

Mark your calendars.  These and other scholarly offerings will be part of UNC-Charlotte’s first annual “Sex Week” this February.

Once again, the University of North Carolina is illustrating: (1) how, um, wisely they are using OUR money, and (2) just why our young skulls of mush are falling so far and fast behind the Koreans, the Indians, the Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Taiwanese, the Singaporeans ….

Oh, and let’s not forget the seminar on the “stigma” of “slut shaming”.  

Let’s not dismiss this as some kooky college kids goofing around.  It’s actually an officially endorsed event at the Charlotte campus. 



3 thoughts on “Sex Week! (*Um, yay?*)

  1. But that is the same school that the business communications professors teach the students to never tell the truth in written communications and always blame others

    Sex week might actually be more moral when compared to the rest of the classroom teachings

    They also had math professors that could not speak english good thing they were teaching math I guess


  2. When is the GOP legislature going to fire the utterly corrupt UNC Board of Governors and the feckless Margaret Spellings? This should be the final straw.

  3. This situation just goes to prove that you can’t believe anything the NC Republican Party tells you. It has become as worthless as the National GOP. When they ask for your money and votes this fall, just remind them of the perversion at UNC-Charlotte which their appointees allowed.

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