NCGOP activists targeting NC’s RNC rep over 2012 RNC rules change flap




Heavy-handed tactics at the 2012 Republican National Convention to change party rules created controversy that is still brewing more than a year later.

We had some great video of then-NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes getting all Tony Soprano with his state’s delegates to the RNC about backing the controversial rules changes. Dr. Ada FIsher, one of North Carolina’s three representatives to the Republican National Committee, was initially hailed as a heroine in the whole rules change flap.

The state party even passed a resolution directing its RNC reps to push for a reversal of the rule changes at the 2012 convention.

My, how things change.  At another RNC meeting shortly after the convention, there was an opportunity to reverse the changes at the convention that caused so much consternation within the party’s grassroots. Fisher told activists she was committed to changing the rules back to their pre-national convention status.  But video taken during the rules change reversal effort appears to tell a different story. It appears to show FIsher doing the opposite of what she told the folks back homesupporting the DC RNC bosses’ position on the rules change.

Well, folks at the grassroots level are responding. Local party leaders and activists in the First, Second, and Third congressional districts — spanning much of eastern North Carolina — have overwhelmingly passed resolutions calling for a state party investigation of Fisher’s actions regarding the rules changes and her response to NCGOP leadership’s directives regarding said rules changes.

The heat, for Dr. Fisher, Mr. Pope, et al.,  would appear to be ON.