#ncga: Weeeeeeell, THAT didn’t take long.

We reported to you earlier about the announcement of New Hanover County school board member Tammy Covil’s intention to run for the NC Tammy_CovilHouse seat currently held by retiring Rep. Rick Catlin.  Covil, a Tea Partier, has drawn heat from the gaystapo and other members of the radical left, as well as from the country club Republican set.

It appears the party powers-that-be were not content to rally around Covil and avoid a primary for the seat:

Political newcomer Holly Grange–currently a member of the N.C. Ports Authority Board of Directors–announced Tuesday her intention to seek her party’s nomination for the House seat currently occupied by Rep. Rick Catlin. The Republican lawmaker, who represents New Hanover County, said earlier this month that he would not seek re-election in 2016 to a third term in order to attend to some business affairs in his engineering firm.

“I have been extremely honored by the encouragement of so many friends in the Wilmington area,” Grange said.

She joins New Hanover County Board of Education member Tammy Covil, who also is vying for the seat. Covil, whose term is up on the school board next year, said she hopes to bring her knowledge of public schools to the General Assembly.

While this is her first attempt at elected office, Grange was appointed by N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory last year to serve on the ports authority board.

According to her website, Grange is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and is a 15-year Army veteran, serving on active duty and in the reserves as an officer in the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.RINO123

“My training at West Point instilled a sense of service in me that I have continued to follow to this day,” she noted.

She currently works as director of community relations at Osprey Global Solutions, a local company offering full-spectrum life-support medical, logistics and construction, as well as security, training and business intelligence services. Prior to moving to the area in 2009, Grange worked as an attorney in Illinois.

Active in the Cape Fear Republican Women’s Club, Grange said she also volunteers with the Cape Fear Community College Foundation, Coastal Horizons and the USO of North Carolina.

ANOTHER lawyer.  *um, YAY?*

8 thoughts on “#ncga: Weeeeeeell, THAT didn’t take long.

  1. We have a solid and proven conservative candidate in Covill. Why do we need a carpetbagger from Illinois who is either hiding her political philosophy by not mentioning it, or signalling that political philosophy means nothing to her, a sure sign of a RINO. Most Republicans from Illinois seem to be on the liberal side.

    1. Holly Grange is hardly a RINO. Nor some of the others thinking of running for that seat. Grange’s Army bio and GOP positions are stronger than most of the elected GOP men we have in office in our area right now.
      And despite what you or Tammy may thing, not every one of us bleeding-red conservatives here in New Hanover County, who enthusiastically supported Tammy before, have been happy with her tenure and judgement as a School Board member. Her public temperament, foot-in-mouth disease, and weak handling of the media has made many of us wince. And that very worry of her being an embarrassment to our party in our county is why multiple potential primary challengers have been coming out of the woodwork the past couple weeks to discuss running with the grassroots.
      Grange seems to just be beating some of the others back by announcing now.
      Tammy being so quick to go personal against a strong conservative challenge of our own party, on the very first day, shows some of that temperament that a lot of us are worried about should she win.
      We need strong, effective Conservative governing in Raleigh, not harpy personal attacks against bonafide, successful conservatives for political points.
      Tammy could still get her act together, and for that a lot of us would be pleased to vote for her. But this viciousness against Reagan’s 11th Commandment on the very first day, shows how our nervousness of her demeanor and childishness may be justified.

  2. Tammy Covil is a solid conservative and has my full support and backing. The Blumenthal link for Ms. Grange is quite disconcerting, and furthers my suspicions of someone here only a few years and appointed by the good gov to a Board position on the Ports Authority. We all know how the gov picks his political appointments.
    The GOPe has its eyes on this race, they have no intention of letting an actual conservative win. Keep an eye on this, I believe there may be more to come.

  3. With her fingers in so many boards and commissions, how in the world is Miss Holly going to fit in being a house member?! Check out her ties to Parks Griffin, the actual governor puppeteer. And then go vote for TAMMY!!

    1. I think we are seeing a House leadership liberal recruit here. They have been trying to foist liberals off on GOP voters for several cycles now. How much did Moore, Jeter, and Lewis have to do with this one? Conservatives need to take out Moore, Jeter, Lewis, and their other cronies like Nelson Dollar in the primaries. It looks like Dollar and Lewis will have primaries, and hopefully the other Big Government Republicans in the leadership will as well.

      GOP primary voters should oppose any candidate recruited by the House leadership. They are BAD (Basically A Democrat).

    2. So has Michael Lee been bad for us too with all of the boards and commissions he was on before he won the NC Senate seat and then resigned his appointments? Or Thom Goolsby before him? What an asinine comment.

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