#ncga: Um, Speaker Timmy would like a DNA sample. (NOW !!!!!)

csi_crime_scene_investigation_logo__140218204850Call it CSI: Jones Street™ if you like.

The utter paranoia of House leadership — our rent-free residency inside their heads — has really veered things out into left field.  With all of the other important things to focus on out there, the ruling troika in the lower chamber has apparently resorted to tactics best known on the various CBS crime scene investigation programs in order to “catch” the people who have been leaking details from caucus meetings and posting mean things on this site.

I am told by sources within the Republican caucus that writing samples were obtained from various suspected leakers and posters to our site. I am told that the services of a professional handwriting analyst — the kind you see in forgery, kidnapping and other similar criminal cases — were retained.timmeh

I wonder how this handwriting analyst was paid?  Hopefully not with state funds.  More likely it was with campaign funds.  I mean, if $19,000 in clothes is acceptable, a handwriting analyst for the purpose of pursuing a paranoid conspiracy theory would be just dandy.

One specific case mentioned to me was where extensive efforts were reportedly undertaken to prove Raleigh radio personality Chad Adams was posting on our site under the alias “GUWonder.”   I’m told House leaders teamed up with the, um, “brain trust” at NCGOP HQ on this one. 

That’s about as funny as when I heard they were seriously pursuing the theory that Chad Adams and Brant Clifton were the same person.  (I wonder which one they thought was the alias?)

To my knowledge, Chatimmyd has NEVER posted any sort of comment on this site.  A few weeks ago, I got interviewed live on Chad’s radio show.  So, we CAN’T be the same person. 

I think it’s a shame that these people are so much more fixated on who is “leaking” rather than on the issues we bring up here.  That’s how criminals behave.  *Snuff out the snitches.*  

If they’ll go to these lengths over a website, what other types of paranoid mischief are House leaders involved in against their own troops?  (Dumpster diving?)

I am told there was serious discussion at one point of demanding that all House Republicans submit to an inspection of their personal email accounts and cell phones. SPEAKERMOOREPORTRAIT

The last time I checked, posting on a web site or talking to a web site editor was not illegal.  There’s no actual crime to charge anyone with here.  If they “catch” anyone, the penalties will be viciously doled on below radar, behind the scenes, on the down-low.  Political careers will be ruined.  (You gotta love public service.)

Attention House Republicans,  If you’re fine with living under this kind of crap — this cloud of intimidation — then go ahead and extend the reign of terror of Tim Moore, Nelson Dollar, and David Lewis TWO MORE YEARS.