#ncga: THIS is what my Hebrew friends call ‘chutzpah’.

NC House Republicans have decided that Rules Committee chairman David Lewis will be their point-man on ethics allegations against Roy Cooper and the Democrats.  Lewis has come out strong on social media, tweeting stuff like, oh,  THIS:

“Better to admit you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar and MOVE ON” ????

THIS is coming from the guy who got hit with an ethics complaint over THIS.   

The complaint disappeared down that GOP-controlled rabbit-hole called The Ethics Committee — and hasn’t been seen again. 

That whole shady episode led to this, um, problematic scenario documented in an audit by state auditor Beth Wood.

*Yep,  this is the guy you want out front preaching and scolding on ethics. Am I right?*

(Seriously, guys.  You couldn’t find ANYBODY else?  ANYBODY?)