#ncga: The blind leading the blind right into traffic

The drive-bys have raised some valid points about Gov. Pat and his dealings with a donor seeking an extension of a contract with the state prison system.  Now, the legislature is getting in on the righteous indignation: blind

State lawmakers from Gaston and Cleveland counties are expected to play key roles in discussions this week with prison officials over private maintenance contracts.

Prison officials originally decided not to renew maintenance contracts on the basis that they would not save the state money. That changed after Republican Gov. Pat McCrory attended a meeting on the issue.

“We’re not alleging anything is good, bad or indifferent,” said Rep. Kelly Hastings, a member of the chief legislative oversight committee whose district includes parts of Gaston and Cleveland counties. “But this is the best way for us to protect the taxpayer.”

SCREEEEEEEEECCCCHHHH !!!! Wait, wha …..????   Kelly Hastings is leading an ethics investigation?  The same Kelly Hastings who apparently has paid himself and his wife THOUSANDS of dollars out of his campaign fund over the last three years?  The SAME Kelly Hastings who reimbursed himself from his campaign fund for the differences in the per diem rate — even though the state pays per diem AND NOT HIS CAMPAIGN???

Wow.  Let’s see who else is getting in on this: FullSizeRender

[…] Other area lawmakers on that committee include Rep. John Torbett, R-Gaston, and Sen. Kathy Harrington, R-Gaston. House Speaker Tim Moore, of Kings Mountain, co-chairs the committee. […] 

SPEAKERMOOREPORTRAITReally?  Tim Moore?  The same Tim Moore at the center of this drive-by kerfluffle?  The same Tim Moore who has reimbursed himself for “in-kind” contributions to his own campaign, had his campaign pay rent to himself for property he OWNS, and pay him for campaigning FOR HIMSELF?

What, no Jason Saine with his $19,000 in suits? 

Come on, guys.  I know we’re dealing with a bunch of politicians.  But I think we CAN do better than this.  Joe Hackney was a big lib.   But he ran a tight ship.  When one of his flock committed offenses similar to Saine’s — but on a much smaller scale — Hackney helped run him off.   In the Moore era, ethical lapses apparently allow you to sit on committees sitting in judgement of others’ ethics.