#ncga: Talk about FAKE NEWS …

The tax-increase-loving, Common-Core-Caressing, Trannies-in-the-Ladies-Room-Appreciating, Illegal-Alien-Loving North Carolina Chamber is at it again.

They’ve dropped another mailer into the already-nasty Senate district 25 GOP primary featuring Tom McInnis and Michelle Lexo. Of course, the big-government face-in-the-trough types at the Chamber love them some Tom McInnis.

This particular mailer had the odor of a horse stable needing a good cleaning. How so, you ask:

The mailer claims Leo “supports a 50% property tax increase on Moore County home owners.”  The source cited was The Fayetteville Observer fro 4/11/18.

The problem?  No such article exists in that paper regarding Lexo or that subject.  We looked.  I reached out to the Lexo campaign.  They looked.  They couldn’t find it.

Calls were placed to The Fayetteville Observer newsroom.  A number of editors there attempted to find the story cited by The Chamber mailer — and failed.

Wow.  Quoting from a fabricated news story.  That almost tops the Chamber’s ads a few years ago about how our kids were all going to die if we didn’t approve a tax increase. 

“I am the mayor of Whispering Pines,” Lexo told us. “Not Moore County.  I have no control over tax rates for the county.”

She says she DOES support the school bond package on the May 8th ballot.  Lexo said worst case projections she has seen related to the bonds forecast a 2% tax increase.  Again, that’s worst case.

The pro-McInnis mailer also claims Lexo “wants to restrict growth”.  

“Really? That’s news to me,” the mayor told us. “There have been more new homes built in Whispering Pines than in Anson, Scotland and Richmond counties combined.”

The Chamber mailer also calls Lexo “a roadblock for small business.”

Lexo said the incident referenced by the flier involved a business buying a parcel of land for future expansion that was zoned for single-family residential.  They wanted it rezoned.

“That would have been a case of spot zoning,” said Lexo. “The General Assembly says that’s illegal.  That’s why the whole council voted against it.  It wasn’t about Michelle Lexo being a roadblock to small business. It was about Michelle Lexo not wanting to go to jail.”

Don’t believe everything that shows up in your mailbox.  Especially stuff that smells like the organic fertilizer in your dad’s garden.

Tom McInnis has been in Raleigh for two terms.  And this is how he asks us for our votes — by selling out to Raleigh trough-feeders and bald-faced lying.