#ncga: SOLAR goons going after Hager?

curtis1-270x250We broke the story about Mecklenburg GOP chairman Curtis Watkins trying to recruit a primary opponent for House Majority Leader Mike Hager(R).  It turns out that — beyond being an establishment operative —  ol’ Curtis may have an ulterior motive in targeting the Rutherford County legislator. .

You see — Mike Hager has been a staunch opponent of state government subsidies and mandates that benefit the solar energy industry.  Curtis Watkins WORKS FOR one of those solar energy companies — SolarWindow — that depends on those mandates and subsidies to stay afloat.   In fact, according to the company web site, ol’ Curtis is Vice President of Energy Markets and Utilities AND a member of the company’s board of directors. 

Civitas told us all about the solar industry’s political mischief HERE and HERE earlier this year.

So, Republicans in Mecklenburg County are being led by a man whose company’s business plan flies directly in the face of the state party platform.  *AW-KWARD.* 

2 thoughts on “#ncga: SOLAR goons going after Hager?

  1. Disgusting. Conservatives need to primary every one of the Solyndra Republicans in the legislature who oppose the GOP platform on this issue and support the Obama position instead. That includes Tim Moore, Nelson Dollar, Jason Saine. David Lewis, John Szoka, Kelly Hastings, Charles Jeter, Bob Steinburg, and Jerry Tillman. Conservatives should also refuse to vote for any of them who make it through the primaries. These people are traitors of the worst order.

    This Mecklenburg GOP chairman needs to be removed from office.

    We need to rally round Mike Hager.

    These despicable corrupt solar energy crony capitalist parasites need to be run out of our state. Duke Power is in the process of raising our electric rates because of them and the corrupt politicians they have in their back pockets, and that will be happening even more in the future if we don’t get rid of these suckweasels.

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