#ncga: Oh, look. We’ve got (HB867) mail.

We filled you in earlier about some John Bell-inspired skullduggery related to commercial fishing.  Apparently, there are some new developments.  At least that’s what Rep. Beverly Boswell (R-Dare) says in this email to commercial fishing supporters:

Good Afternoon,
We have avoided a great disaster. 

 The Wildlife Committee scheduled a meeting late yesterday afternoon.  HB 867 was NOT on the agenda.  While in Committee all morning, I received MULTIPLE phone calls and emails concerning HB 867.  The CCA people and their lobbyists were sighted in a few KEY Representative’s offices this morning in deep discussion.  One of my dear friends that is on the Wildlife Committee was approached this morning to ask for their support in the Committee meeting scheduled for today.  My friend (thank God) told him straight out:  867 is NOT on the Agenda and if it is read in, I will OBJECT.


Fortunately for us, my Health Committee is chaired by Rules Chair David Lewis.  I walked straight up to him and gave him the information that I had been given all morning. Representative Lewis agreed with me about the Committee’s agenda of the past evening.   I informed Representative Lewis that the Speaker assured me that 867 would NOT be heard in Committee especially today.  Representative Lewis put a stop to this Committee’s foolishness.  I am very grateful for Representative Lewis’ intervention.


I wanted to give you a head up on the shenanigans going on in the NCGA.  Shame on them for this underhanded attempt to rob the Commercial Fishermen of their livelihood.  If you have to sneak around, then it’s probably not a good bill.
  I will be bringing this up in the next Caucus.  I will keep you updated.
Thank you for everything guys.  Keep those talking points coming.  It is really making ALL the difference in the world. 
Sincerely yours,

We have to keep in mind that Ms. Boswell is just a rookie on Jones Street.  She sounds like she is just learning that people around those parts LIE A LOT.

Let’s hope we honestly can stick a fork in this piece of drama.