#ncga MOLES: Senate Rs, House Rs sharply divided on HB2 repeal

House Republicans caucused late into the night Wednesday as the NCAA ultimatum loomed.  Folks in the room tell this site that House Republicans are evenly divided on the question of repealing HB2.  But Speaker Timmy and his team are still planning to take the repeal fight to the floor with the support of just half the caucus and some Democrats.  

Sources tell me that the Senate Republicans are split 23-12 in favor of repealing HB2.  So, both chambers are in a position to move repeal legislation on the floor. The big questions? :

(1) How do you move beyond HB2 repeal with such anger and division among legislative Republicans? 

(2) Also, who’s next — after seeing the success of the NCAA and the ACC — to shake down the people of North Carolina?