#ncga MOLES: Senate Rs, House Rs sharply divided on HB2 repeal

House Republicans caucused late into the night Wednesday as the NCAA ultimatum loomed.  Folks in the room tell this site that House Republicans are evenly divided on the question of repealing HB2.  But Speaker Timmy and his team are still planning to take the repeal fight to the floor with the support of just half the caucus and some Democrats.  

Sources tell me that the Senate Republicans are split 23-12 in favor of repealing HB2.  So, both chambers are in a position to move repeal legislation on the floor. The big questions? :

(1) How do you move beyond HB2 repeal with such anger and division among legislative Republicans? 

(2) Also, who’s next — after seeing the success of the NCAA and the ACC — to shake down the people of North Carolina?

12 thoughts on “#ncga MOLES: Senate Rs, House Rs sharply divided on HB2 repeal

  1. “… that House Republicans are evenly divided on the question of repealing HB2.”

    If the anti-repeal block is 1) serious about their opposition, and 2) truly 50% of the Caucus, maybe this is a good time to force some type of no-confidence/vacate the Chair action.

    As for the Senate….23-12 are pro-repeal?!?! So much for the “more conservative” chamber.

    1. Senator Berger USED TO BE a conservative hero. Not any more. Now one wonders where his ‘nads have gone. Will he be coming out soon as Phyllis Berger? Which restroom will he chose to use?

      It looks like we need some big time primary challenges in the Senate.

  2. The anger within the caucus will be nothing compared to the anger of the GOP base at cowards and traitors who betray us and more importantly betray our women and little girls by caving in to the extreme left and the corporate bullies. We will want them G-O-N-E in the next election, and if we cannot get them in the primary, we will get them in the general election. A Democrat who stabs us in the front is awful but not as bad as an imposter Republican who stabs us in the back. Throw the scoundrels out. Defeat them. Whatever it takes.

  3. I am putting myself in a position to have no more influence with either the Dems or Repubs. I’m changing my registration to unaffiliated after many decades of Repub. affiliation. I can no longer stand to be associated with either and registering as a Libertarian seems useless.

    1. Run run run away like lots of others that have left the party and people then wonder why the GOP keeps getting worse and compromising on more and more values because the fighters have given up and left

  4. We are gaining Unaffiliateds, ONE AT THE TIME. Progress is often slower than a snail, but it’s coming.

    1. If you conservative independents really want to do something useful instead of just flapping your gums, take the list of the Gaystapo Republicans who supported the War on Women’s Privacy by allowing liberal local government to force all privately owned restrooms and shower rooms to allow men to enter beginning in 2020 and recruit conservative independents to run in targeted races in the 2018 general election.against the Gaystapo Republicans. Targets should be: 1) districts where no Democrat has filed, and 2) Districts where a 3 way race can oust the Gaystapo Republican.

      Lets get these liberal sellouts gone. Find the candidates, help them get up their petition for ballot access as an independent, and then support them. We conservative Republicans have some heavy lifting to do in our primaries, but you can help in those districts where our guys are not successful in taking them out in the primary.

      Lets have action, not just words.

  5. What is so horrible about this bill is that it for the first time actually authorizes local ordinances like that in Charlotte, beginning in 2020. The Constitution prohibits such ordinances unless the legislature grants authority for them, and this bill grants that authority beginning in 2020. This is a full blown surrender, even if it is a slightly delayed surrender.

    This bill leaves us much worse off than before Charlotte created this firestorm. The crazies have gained something major they never had before

    The bill does protect public facilities beyond 2020 but leaves private property at the mercy of liberal local governments. That includes churches as well as businesses. Locker rooms at private health clubs and gyms would also be vulnerable. While public schools will continue to be protected from such ordinances, private schools, including church schools will not. I cannot fathom how the leadership would think this would be acceptable to GOP voters.

    This is incredibly smart politics by Cooper’s crowd and incredibly dumb politics by the GOP legislative leadership. This follows an election which clearly showed that this issue was a dud for the Democrats in a general election. What this bill does do, however, is create a major split between GOP voters and many of their elected officials which offers a huge potential to damage the party’s prospects in 2018. This is a very low turnout cycle, where issue oriented voters, such as Christian voters and values voters will be a much bigger share of the electorate, both in primaries and among the GOP voters expected to turn out in November. These voters are likely to have their claws out at primary time for politicians who voted for this bill, and if they survive the primary, the same voters will not have much motivation to vote for them in November. Cooper has unleashed enormous division upon the Republican Party for the coming election and Berger and Moore were not savvy enough to comprehend what he was doing. The Democrats are likely to gain from this fiasco, while Republicans would have benefited from standing their ground. Cooper pulled a real political coup while the GOP just showed why it is too often called ”the stupid party”.

    The leadership may be thinking they can pull in contributions to save those who vote with them, but that only works with a heavy turnout where there are lots of low information voters who can be swayed, something that does not occur in these very low turnout cycles with no national races or significant statewide races. Money will not save them from the wrath of jilted issue oriented voters. Slick ads do not work so well with voters who already know the score.

    1. The rift is there. I will now be voting demorat for the first time in the 30 years I have been voting. Senator Brent Jackson will not get my vote if he is so weak as to cave to a non-issue….that and he is evidently pretty corrupt as well from the recent stories on his voting himself access to farm dollars.

      1. How will voting for a democrat help? they are the party of anti-God progressive leftism. What we need are honorable people to elect and the democratic platform is not a platform that supports honorable people and today proved alot of people with R’s after their name should change their letter to a D

        1. If I were to find one on the ticket I would do so….but my guy voted for this crap and will not get my vote.

          My question, how does it not help. In many cases how is the person in the GOP different from just voting demorat? If you are going to get the same game under a different name no matter what then I am fine going the slightly different way.

  6. This horror story just keeps getting worse. The bill that is before the Senate sponsored by ”Pop” Tarte actually makes illegal aliens, homosexuals, and people mixed up about their gender protected classes in North Carolina for all accomodation and employment.for the first time in North Carolina.


    This bill is ultra liberal horseshit.

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