#ncga: Lucky to hold on.

I had the opportunity to connect this past weekend with some political players who have been very influential in recent years regarding cash and strategy for North Carolina General Assembly campaigns.  Their overall message?

House Republicans are not battling to hold a super-majority.  They’re fighting to keep a majority period.

From what I hear, the Senate majority is nowhere near such dire straits.

I learned from my sources that poor messaging, and depressing polling and fundraising have put a number of once-safe House seats (i.e., Ted Davis)  along the coast in jeopardy.  Put those together with the always-shaky GOP seats in the Raleigh and Charlotte areas, and you have the perfect recipe for House minority leader Tim Moore.

How could this happen — just eight years after taking Raleigh by storm?

Well,  my sources have come to a conclusion that we’ve been making at this site for some time:  It’s a leadership and management problem. 

House Republicans have a leadership cabal more interested in pleasing lobbyists than keeping the promises they made to voters.  They’ve become what they replaced.

The state GOP is dominated by people who have been there since you could fit ALL the state’s Republicans in one phone booth.  There’s more interest in obtaining and accruing personal power than there is in growing the party and helping the state.

That selfishness may well lead to a generation of leftist dominance on the state Supreme Court and an inability to get conservative legislation past Roy Cooper.  And it may end up making that corrupt doofus Wayne Goodwin look like a genius.  

The GOP under Trump is thriving nationally, but sputtering here.  There is no leadership out there on the state level inspiring the voters even close to how President Trump is.

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  1. I think you have pretty much summed up the situation. We had better do something about our leadership problems sooner rather than later.

    1. I’m afraid it’s already too late. House leadership has been a disaster, and party leadership as well. Brant has hit the nail on the head!

  2. I hear complaints from a number of candidates about poor messaging on the direct mail campaign being run by the House caucus. The consultants they are using seem clueless. I have seen several mail pieces I have been shown that I agree were poorly thought out. And since the consultants are surely doing this on a cookie cutter basis, those same poor designs are likely being used statewide.

    1. If by cookie cutter you mean the same mail pieces with the names changed, you hit the nail on the head. I live close to where the district lines change and I have received mailers from state house candidates that were identical to other mailers my friends have received just a few miles away. Only difference is the candidate names. Also have seen people knocking on doors that are from the NCGOP but they are outsiders that don’t even know how to pronounce the candidates names here. It’s time for Robin Hayes to go, if for no other reason than he has kept Dallas Woodhouse employed. Woodhouse is a self-serving idiot.

    1. I think Hayes is following the model set by, Akihito, the Emperor of Japan; he’s in the Celestial Temple. For these mundane daily affairs we peons have to deal with Ernest P. Worrell.

  3. We have to be careful who we nominate. The normal “make a circus” act is not going to work. The ones that survive November will survive on the issues. The ones without real issues to run on will do poorly in contested districts.

  4. Could it be as simple as getting rid of “Thou shalt not speak ill of Republicans?” I have seen good, staunch conservatives get trashed by their political opponents not with substance but with Clinton like tactics. Why doesn’t the Republican leadership lead? Until we stand up and hold ourselves accountable, we are going to continue to get the candidates we deserve.

  5. It all comes down to issues, and the leadership just does not get it.

    Christian conservatives in my area are still miffed by the cowardly surrender on bathroom / locker room privacy with sellout to the far left and the corporate bullies on repealing HB2. Several people I know who have pumped for votes for the GOP in their churches are sitting on thier hands this election, in spite of our local GOP guys all being on the right side of that issue and opposing the sellout. What the leadership did has soured them on the GOP generally. The chickens are coming home to roost.

    My area also has a big grassroots group opposing construction of a big solar energy facility. Fortunately, they are looking at the positions of the local Republican legislative candidates instead of focusing on the betrayal of electric consumers by the GOP legistative leadership. There are other places in the state, where that issue will hurt us.

    We need real leaders in Raleigh who will focus on the Republican agenda on policy issues, not constantly pandering to the special interests. Most Republicans are motivated by Republican policy, not by whether someone has an R by their name. In this legislature, having an R by your name does not seem to mean much, and that is what is hurting our legislative ticket.

    1. You got that right! As one of 38 in tge House who voted against the repeal of HB2, I am still disgusted over it. I don’t get tge big bucks from special interests because I don’t carry their water. The coal ash issue wasn’t properly handled because leadership wouldn’t listen to me, and now power customers are paying for it while the stuff is being moved around to landfills instead of being dealt with in place like I suggested. My niece and her husband in Sanford had to leave their home because of his severe allergic reaction to the dust blowing off the trains carrying cosl ash past their property. It is disgraceful.

  6. What happened to all those great “Leadership” programs the Pope Empire told everyone would produce legions of future conservative leaders. to move NC in a conservative revolution. If Tillis-Burr and the current crop are the result-
    Oh well,back to the drawing boards.

    1. I just received the new Carolina Journal from Locke, and I really do not see too much conservative content.

  7. Most of the disastrous appointments to the UNC Board of Governors have come from the GOP House. We are paying a high price now for those bad appointments as we witness the chaos and radical leftist ideology on display at UNC-Chapel Hill. This has perhaps been the greatest failure of the NC House Republicans. And we are paying dearly for it.

  8. Robin Hayes? Who’s he? Saw him some 15 years ago, but not in a very long time! Said he was a conservative too—but obviously a very squishy politician today.

    IF Republicans want to hold a seat anywhere, they damn well better start supporting President Trump’s agenda of STOPPING the FLOOD of ILLEGAL ALIENS heading our way; BUILD THE DANG WALL NOW; END the brainwashing machine of government “RE-education CAMPS” and COMMON CORE; and STOP THE WAR AGAINST GOD-FEARING-PEACE LOVING PEOPLE FROM OWNING GUNS.

    Weak kneed RINOS can still make a difference. Mitch McConnell ‘got it;—THE MESSAGE…..by vigorously supporting the President’s choice for the Supreme Court despite the LIES and MEDIA MACHINE of the left. He got probably his first standing ovation recently at the swearing in of Justice Kavanaugh.

    Come home to what made America the GREATEST on earth: FREEDOM TO BELIEVE IN GOD –NOT GOVERNMENT; LIMITED GOVERNMENT, CONTROLLED BY OUR CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS. Secularist Humanists are truly lost souls and need our prayers, but we cannot win standing of the sidelines or in the middle of the road. Join the MAGA TEAM of President Trump and you WILL GET OUR VOTES. He’s the only politician in my lifetime who a made a huuuuuge difference in being HONEST in all he say AND DOES. You may not like his Twitters, but I love his PLAIN SPEECH.

    I quit giving our party money. I vote for the ones who DO what they promised to do.

    1. Hayes is the one that was put back into power after the cabal orchestrated the ousting of a convention elected state chairman one week before a state convention

      Just like the democrat’s want to impeach Trump so were the establishment republicans in office orchestrating overthrow of the chairman even before the convention elected him. On the convention floor talking about De-funding the party if their chosen chairman lost the election

      Then people in the party worked day and night to do anything they could to regain control of the party so they could have all the power sounds a lot like how the democrat’s want to do everything they can to stop everything Trump does

      Really the situation in Washington trying to stop Republicans is really similar to how some in the NCGOP removed a elected state chairman to install Hayes who will forever be know as the establishments gramps to maintain a position of power. Awful republicans attack others republicans it is not about what party one is a member but the level one will compromise their character and values to win what they desire

      1. Don’t you see the great plan? To give the real power to little ole me, we had to do two things. The first was to oust Harnett, and ambushing him at a time we knew he would be out of the country and sending a non-registered notice letter to a place at a time we knew he would not get it was part of that ambush. Then we had that shady computer guy from Greenville help us concoct our evidence. It all worked like a charm.

        The second part, however, was to install a figurehead chairman in an immediate cram down. We could not afford to let the those grassroots peons organize behind another grassroots conservative candidate. We therefore wrote the rules to set up an immediate election and recruited the most lazy figurehead we could find, Robin Hayes to serve as chairman. We rolled over those impromtu challengers from Beaufort and Mecklenburg.

        In his previous term as chairman, Hayes handed much of the power to his vice chairman, Wayne King, and this time he has handed much of it to little ole me, as was the plan. It all worked like a charm, and I am now the power within the party. Get used to it!

    2. I have fought for all the things you mention ever since I have been in Raleigh. So have a lot of others like Carl Ford and Michael Speciale. We are just not the majority among the majority. I am for Trump all the way.

  9. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are on offense in a few key districts and fighting to hold what we have.

    However the super-majority in the House is currently 75

    72 is minimum for House Super.
    The recent court opposed redistricting made three of our good seats, much more likely for the democrats

    So we think the court has put us at 72. So then you have to win every single race, or pick up some.

    1. you have to admit some of the republicans being challenged hard are really awful people anyway not worse than their democrat replacements I will admit that, but still people that you can give them a BIG SMILE when they loose

      Some of these I talk about as the same ones that when anyone tries to stand up for Conservative values in local republicans meetings they are the first ones to stand up and fight against them… Year after year it is the same with some of these people and it might help bring their ego down a notch or two to loose

      1. You mean like when they double bunked me with Carl Ford, hoping he would help them get rid of me? They didn’t consider what good friends Carl and I are. Can you say FUMBLE? So Carl chose to run for the Senate instead. God bless him! CARL FORD FOR NC SENATE!!!

        1. you are one of the few good people left with a R after you name in NC. The same Republicans that stand against you in the house are the same house members that stand against conservative republicans at local republican local meetings

  10. Recently I ran into Dallas Woodhouse at a Republican event and asked him when he and Robin were going to copy the Central Committee and Executive Committee on the party disloyalty complaint I filed against Wayne King as I requested. His response wasn’t clear to me, but I think it was “Never.”

    How strange that in the same 2012 election when Roy Cooper was given a free ride, Wayne King was using his position to get me to drop out of the Auditor’s race. If I had, the only CPA in the Republican primary would have been a Democrat who changed his party and his address to hide his close ties to Roy Cooper, Gary Bartlett, and the Democrat inner circle.

    How many other Republicans has Wayne discouraged from running or worked against using his party position? Did he help Roy Cooper run unopposed?

    Dallas, your predecessor, the Executive Director at the time, said what Wayne did was party disloyalty. So why are you and Robin still covering for Wayne? How much does Wayne know . . . like who else was behind the dirty trick he tried to pull?

    Dallas, since you apparently read this site, how about telling me and the other readers what you and Robin plan to do with the complaint you’ve been hoping will go away.

    Fern H Shubert, CPA

    1. The NCGOPe has a double standard on party disloyalty complaints.

      Take Thom Tillis and his public comments bashing our Republican US Senate nominee in Alabama, Roy Moore. Tillis channeled the smears of the liberal media, while the Alabama Republican Executive Committee, President Trump, and Alabama’s Republican governor stood behind Roy Moore. Tillis worked to undermine our Republican nominee and help a very liberal Democrat narrowly win a seat in the US Senate he should not have won.

      But do you think the NCGOPe is going to do anything about that, when Thom Tillis is one of the NCGOPe insiders? Do you think that the NCGOPe is going to do anything about Wayne King?

      Remember the double standard. And the real Dallas Woodhouse should answer over the Wayne King fiasco, but don’t hold your breath.

  11. We are not covering for Wayne

    We just can”t referee an 8 year old issue that happened long before we were here.

    1. Yes, but Phil Berger’s primary interference in Michelle Lexo’s race just happened, and we see no forceful action against Berger and his House bill 373 Counterfeit Ncgop party affiliation Committee.

    2. when you retire from politics are you going to go into stand up …. cause comedy I think is really where your talent shows the most

      It also might help if you read some books after the mid term on organizational management

    3. The proceeding against Richard Morgan was done years after his act of disloyalty. That is no excuse. You and your group, including Robin Hayes have been stonewalling this. You just want to keep stonewalling.

      Also what about Tillis’ party disloyalty on the Alabama Senate race? That does not need to go unpunished.

    4. You also apparently can’t referee a six month old issue concerning Phil Berger and his HB373 counterfeit NCGOP committee interfering in Michelle Lexo’s primary.

    5. Dallas, what about your buddy Tillis? Can you speak to his party disloyalty? Not a peep from you or your cronies about his failure to do anything but run his mouth about a duly elected president. Try running that imbecile again I dare you.

    6. Do North Carolina Republicans owe Thom Tillis a millimeter more party loyalty than Tillis himself gave Roy Moore? I think NOT!

  12. I hope everyone understands the importance of voting this election, and not use excuses to just stay home. Early voting has begun, and if Conservatives sit at home, I have no doubt the Democrats are motivated and will show up, and likely will continue a liberal slide on the NC Supreme Court and possibly get one chamber of the NCGA to go blue. Make no mistake about it. With a liberal Supreme Court, they could overturn state laws like the death penalty, gun rights, etc,

  13. The Central Committee has contributed greatly to this time of shame. The Executive Committee needs to provide much needed oversight. But, I agree with Gail. It’s too late.

  14. Jon, problem is….what are your typical RINO Republicans doing to advance conservatism? Just look how they have caved to the Radical Left and Antifa at UNC. Why hasn’t Silent Sam been re-installed as required by law? Most of the Republicans are just liars. They talk a good game and then renege. Can’t trust them in the final analysis.

  15. It appears that the only way the NC Republicans can rid themselves of the “trash” is by sending them to DC, as in Tillis and Burr.
    We do not need “reach across the aisle” turncoats in the Republican party. We need people that when they win will do the will of the people that elected them…..not the donors that pay them.

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