#ncga: Lucky to hold on.

I had the opportunity to connect this past weekend with some political players who have been very influential in recent years regarding cash and strategy for North Carolina General Assembly campaigns.  Their overall message?

House Republicans are not battling to hold a super-majority.  They’re fighting to keep a majority period.

From what I hear, the Senate majority is nowhere near such dire straits.

I learned from my sources that poor messaging, and depressing polling and fundraising have put a number of once-safe House seats (i.e., Ted Davis)  along the coast in jeopardy.  Put those together with the always-shaky GOP seats in the Raleigh and Charlotte areas, and you have the perfect recipe for House minority leader Tim Moore.

How could this happen — just eight years after taking Raleigh by storm?

Well,  my sources have come to a conclusion that we’ve been making at this site for some time:  It’s a leadership and management problem. 

House Republicans have a leadership cabal more interested in pleasing lobbyists than keeping the promises they made to voters.  They’ve become what they replaced.

The state GOP is dominated by people who have been there since you could fit ALL the state’s Republicans in one phone booth.  There’s more interest in obtaining and accruing personal power than there is in growing the party and helping the state.

That selfishness may well lead to a generation of leftist dominance on the state Supreme Court and an inability to get conservative legislation past Roy Cooper.  And it may end up making that corrupt doofus Wayne Goodwin look like a genius.  

The GOP under Trump is thriving nationally, but sputtering here.  There is no leadership out there on the state level inspiring the voters even close to how President Trump is.