#ncga: Leadership, lobbyists conspiring to topple Folwell?

I’ve always suspected that what WE want runs a distant second to what the deep-pocketed Raleigh lobbyists want.  This kerfuffle between the hospital lobby and treasurer Dale Folwell over reforming the state health plan is starting to confirm those suspicions.

We told you earlier about a bill being circulated among the House majority to limit Folwell’s power regarding the management of the state health plan. The bill prevents Folwell from making any changes  to the standard operating procedure regarding the plan until the end of 2021.  It also forms a study committee that will issue a report on the “sustainability” of the state health plan “no later than May 20, 2020.”

Why May 20,2020?  Earlier that month there will be primaries for statewide offices — one of which will be for state treasurer.  They’re delaying a decision about what to allow Folwell to do until AFTER the primary season.  (The bill has a safeguard to ensure the prohibition on Folwell making changes extends well past the expiration of his current term of office.)

Perhaps the authors of the bill are under the impression that Folwell is going to get a serious primary challenger in 2020.  I bet said challenger will be well-funded with many dollars from the hospital industry.  

Dale Folwell makes a lot of noise.  He asks a lot of uncomfortable questions. So, in the eyes of many in that political cesspool between Jones and Blount Streets, he has to GO.

If they succeed, we lose the LOUDEST, most effective defender of our interests in Raleigh.  (Dan Forest has been much quieter than I thought he’d be when he first ran for lieutenant governor.)

Send word to your legislators that they need to BACK OFF Dale Folwell and let the man do his job.  Folwell’s reforms will benefit all taxpayers in the long run — not just people on the state health plan.