#ncga House’s Martin to seek Newton’s Senate seat?

That’s the word I am hearing from various moles within the Puzzle Palace on Jones Street.  As dedicated readers of this site know, senator Buck Newton of Wilson will be vacating his Senate seat in 2016 to run for attorney general.

It is our understanding here that Rep. Susan Martin of Wilson is a top contender to replace Newton in the upper chamber.  Martin is slightly less conservative than Newton.  He scored 89.5 out of a possible 100 in Civitas’s conservative effectiveness ratings for 2013 (the last year we can find).  Martin scored 81.5.

1 thought on “#ncga House’s Martin to seek Newton’s Senate seat?

  1. This woman is an Obama Republican and needs a conservative primary opponent. She supported Obama’s green energy policies by co-sponsoring the legislation for the state to provide large sums in corporate welfare to the green energy boondoggle. She has also supported Obama’s policies for illegal aliens by being a key vote in committee to give illegal aliens NC drivers licenses.

    If you like Nancy Pelosi, you will love Susan Martin. The main difference I can see is that Martin is more pleasing on the eye than Pelosi.

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