#ncga: House GOP aiding-and-abetting Dem vote-by-mail scheme




This will be one more example state Republicans can reflect on when they find themselves in the General Assembly’s minority after November.  Democrats and all kinds of liberal special interests have been hollering for more voting-by-mail, and it appears House Republicans are prepared to give it to them:


With uncertainty looming over how serious coronavirus will be this fall, a bipartisan push at the state legislature would make it easier for North Carolinians to vote by mail this year.


State officials are expecting a massive increase in people wanting to vote by mail in November. The legislature wants to make sure that goes smoothly, said Rep. Pricey Harrison, who has co-sponsored a new elections bill along with one fellow Democrat and two Republicans.


Usually, Harrison said, fewer than 5% of North Carolina voters choose to vote by mail — but for 2020, “they’re expecting a surge of up to 40%.”


Republican Rep. Holly Grange, the lead sponsor of House Bill 1169, said they wanted to give both state and local elections officials “the flexibility and resources needed to accommodate the expected increase in absentee ballot requests due to the pandemic.”[…]

Grange got clobbered by Dan Forest in the March primary for governor.  She’s not running for re-election.





[…] People who vote by mail now have to find two people to serve as witnesses while they vote. But the bill filed Friday would drop that requirement to just one witness.


Voters are currently not allowed to request absentee ballots by email or fax, but this bill would lift those restrictions.


It would also create a new tracking system, akin to what some retailers or pizza delivery companies have, to let voters ensure that their ballots make it through the mail and to the board of elections. And if there are problems with a ballot, the bill would create a new requirement for the state to notify the voter and let them fix it.


Karen Brinson Bell, the executive director of the NC Board of Elections, said they worked with lawmakers on the bill and believe it “ensures accessible, safe and secure elections in 2020.”[…]


However, while a few states hold their elections entirely using mail-in ballots, this bill would ban the state elections director from bringing that to North Carolina.


Republican Rep. Destin Hall of Lenoir and Democratic Rep. Allison Dahle of Cary joined Grange, of Wilmington, and Harrison, of Greensboro, in putting the bill forward.


10 thoughts on “#ncga: House GOP aiding-and-abetting Dem vote-by-mail scheme

  1. Sometimes Bills are brought forth to point out the stupidity of a certain position or proposal. I trust this is the case reported above. This vote-by-mail emphasis move by Holly Grange and others would spell the end of any attempt to overturn the wrongful court decision re Voter ID. Purposeful or an unintended consequence? Perhaps I should not be as upset as I am but we are celebrating Memorial Day tomorrow instead of May 30th, can’t get my haircut for 8 weeks but have to brave the crowds at the unnamed big box stores. I am thankful that downtown New Bern opened to cautious crowds Friday night while mourning the loss of lives lost to Covid19 and the jobs lost and small businesses lost forever. I truly hope that we/America get our stuff together again, real soon. Love all the posts asking about the legality of wisdom of wearing a mask while carrying concealed or open! Testing it tomorrow.

  2. What really needs to change is the belief that someone IS a Republican if they say they are!
    The PARTY needs to get some backbone before it’s all gone. And the train is picking up speed.

    1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^.
      Unfortunately these statements are true. Not only state-wide but even more so and greater in DC. Can anyone really tell a diff between a Republican or Democrat in DC, save 10-15? KNOWING the past issues in NC and in most recent yrs proven fact thousands voted in NC and other adjoining states, the fiasco in Durham County that sent Cooper to the Gov mansion and ballot harvesting that voided a victory by Mark Harris. WHEN will Republicans learn? WHY are not General Assembly Republicans NOT SHOUTING NO? Suppose same reason they allowed Gov Cooper’s unconstitutional EO to remain in effect, even today! Yet, we have seen court challenges to churches reopening, hair dressers reopening WITHOUT a challenge from Gov Cooper……IS there ONE Conservative Republican (JESSE HELMS Republican, not a mod-Dem, Lib-Republican)?

  3. The Silent Sam debacle by the Republican legislature and UNC Board of Governors just proves Republican leaders have no backbone–even when the law is on their side! They are like roaches running for cover when someone turns on the lights. You’re wasting your vote if you cast your ballot for these pathetic Republicans.

  4. If any of you are wondering why Holly Grange is pushing this, it’s simple. She’s hoping Dan Forest gets clobbered in 2020 so she can run again in 2024 against a non incumbent. Then she can say, “see I told you I should’ve been the nominee.” It’s a corrupt political calculation.

  5. Hopefully if the Republicans are truly pushing this they have some solid plans to either combat the inevitable fraud the democrats are going to perpetrate…..or they have a really good plan to operate their own ballot operations to combat what he dems will do. Either way, it is a horribly bad idea to have mail in voting become the main path to voting.

  6. I am finished waiting for the NC GOP to return to our conservative roots. We continue to send kids to do grownups woirk. Enough!!! You can’t even see the taillights of that bus.

    As it stands now, the NC GOP is infested by a bunch of RINO types and that means there will NOT be a meaningful Conservative movement in the near future in this state, IN the NC GOP. I wish I was wrong, but don’t think I am. How else do we wind up with the two embarrassments as our US Senators?

    We need to have a new Conservative party rise from the ashes of this bad joke. Time for me to change my registration after over 30 years, from REPUBLICAN, to INDEPENDENT. Maybe, just maybe, we can build a new CONSERVATIVE party. We can’t do worse than if we keep doing what we’been doing.

  7. Grange’s motives are an open question. My guess is that she did the work of her Sith Lord and will be rewarded with Burr‘s seat after he resigns.

  8. Lot of questions about this new Bill but it may be the best deterrent to fraud we have seen yet. I think the
    Dems and NCBOE did not read carefully. We’ll see.

  9. Just remember one thing—the RINOs gave the Dems complete control of the NC Supreme Court. In any future election dispute, the Dems will have the final word. Game over.

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