#ncga: House bill seeks in-state tuition for illegal aliens


Check out HB 319 filed on Thursday.  Sure, its sponsors are a bunch of Democrats. Sure, it’s filed in a Republican-controlled chamber.  But with a smaller majority, and a lot of stinkin’ Tilli$$$ Republicans slithering around,  ANYTHING is possible.

The “In-State Tuition Equity Act” would grant  in-state admission status  to UNC system campuses and the state’s community colleges.  So, kids who have flouted this country’s  citizenship and immigration and taxation laws ALREADY ON THE BOOKS would be treated just like YOUR KIDS — who have played by the rules and graduated from a North Carolina K-12 system.

Who needs to Make America Great Again when you can Make America Just Like Mexico (or Venezuela)?

7 thoughts on “#ncga: House bill seeks in-state tuition for illegal aliens

    1. illegals should be deported they can go to school back in what ever country they go seek freedom in just not the USA

      illegals everyones first tip that should let you know #PeopleThatDoNotBelongInTheUSA

  1. How did we get this stupid? To throw money at those who trash our laws, refuse to assimilate , bring their own flags, and then take our money for better jobs than our kids can’t get? I despair on the loss of pride in this country which has already done so much for the WORLD and now turns the other way when our own children/grandchildren need our wealth to help them compete with those who took from us in blood and intellectual capital. Why don’t we just label this bill: just vote for us because we are giving you everything your own country won’t provide.

    OUR CITIZENSHIP requires an educated and alert people to know the difference between slavery and liberty! Tillis has infuriated us with his duplicity and talking out of both sides of his mouth saying he stands with President Trump while undermining him by coming out against the President’s Declaration of a National Emergency on the border. (Obama declared many such National Emergencies and did we have this kind of hoopla then? NO.)

    If we aren’t having a national invasion of millions coming here illegally, I cannot imagine what Tillis would have said after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He’s a traitor to his oath of office! (I know the oath well. I swore in a lot of people to SERVE our military while in Navy recruiting.

  2. I hope Tillis doesn’t expect to get re-elected. At our Republican Women’s meeting not one sole will vote for him. He could try running as a Democrat which is what he is. I am sick and tired of these people calling themselves Republicans and refusing to support the President.

    1. Tillis has contacted some of his friends here in NC and has asked them to attend GOP Women’s Club meetings, GOP Men’s Club meetings, GOP Executive Meetings etc.. Tillis, wants to make sure we understand his thinking on “President Trump’s call for a
      State of Emergency” to secure the funding for a border wall. When a gentleman showed up to speak to our crowd, his explanation was not well received. NC Republican’s are sick to death of the President not being supported by the Senators of our State! Hopefully the fellow who had the unfortunate experience of trying to explain to the Republicans of our county, Senator Tillis’s reasoning, will INFORM Tillis EXACTLY how we feel about him and his reasons, Evidently, he has totally forgotten who he was elected to REPRESENT AND WORK FOR. We were all immediately reminded that Republican’s always eat their own, instead of standing together and supporting even a mushy Republican. Tillis doesn’t sound like a Republican unless he is running for office. Once he’s there, he puts his Liberal hat on. Just another Bush or Romney.

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