#ncga: “He’s black, and he’s been there before.”

dollarI believe I will get a lot of use out of the #SMH hashtag during this session of The General Assembly.  Spring is just about here, and the honorables on Jones Street are busy crotch-sniffing potential candidates for seats on the UNC Board of Governors.

My sources tell me that state Rep. Nelson Dollar (R) is aggressively touting the candidacy of one Walter Davenport of Raleigh.  What is it about Mr. Davenport that so impresses the honorable gentleman from Wake County?  According to one of my sources:

” ‘He’s black and he’s been there before.  That’s why we need to vote for him.’ THAT is what Nelson is running around telling everybody. We’ve got an awful lot of really solid candidates, who by the way actually bothered to register and vote Republican, and this is what Nelson finds so fascinating about Mr. Davenport.”

legisWhat else is so interesting about Mr. Davenport?  According to the state board of elections, he’s a registered Democrat.  He served as treasurer for Democrat Cheri Beasley’s successful campaign for state Supreme Court last year.  FEC records also show that he donated to Democrat Laura Fjeld — now-congressman Mark Walker’s general election opponent — and incumbent congressman G.K. Butterfield (D).

The governor and the majority in the legislature have the final say on UNC trustee and governor candidates.  After so many decades in the political wilderness, Republicans have a unique opportunity to reshape the UNC system’s governing body for years to come.

Yet, one frustrated elected source on Jones Street offered this up:

”Tillis did it.  He rammed through Democrats who gave him a lot of money.  Even though there were a lot of really good Republican choices out there.  Here we have a leadership team continuing the Tillis tradition.  We fought hard to get a Republican majority up here, but the Democrats seem to still be enjoying a lot of good opportunities.  A lot more than they gave us when we were in the minority. I don’t get it.”


4 thoughts on “#ncga: “He’s black, and he’s been there before.”

  1. A message from your Republican GuVERNer,

    Remember to send your checks to the NCGOP so we can help pick your elected representatives so they in turn can put Democrats in leadership roles. It all makes perfect sense we need to elect Republicans to put more Democrats in control. Please continue funding this effort we are counting on you to send your checks to the GOP to help enable the Democrats. If we haven’t heard from you yet with your financial support we’re concerned about your status as a Republican in good standing with the party should you not fund this effort. We need to hear from you today. As my mentor and former Governor Jim Hunt would totally agree that this is a good thing to do to help our Democrat friends. I have such great respect for my friend and mentor the former Democrat Guverner. Please help fund this effort today, help me to help the Democrats . Make checks out to the NCGOP today. Remember every dollar you send today to the NCGOP can help place a Democrat in a key leadership position. For only pennies a day you can help. Don’t we owe it to my Democrat mentor and friends. Work together to send those dollars into the NCGOP to put another Democrat in a leadership role. We all worked so hard for this opportunity.

    The Republican GuVERNer.

  2. Nelson Dollar and the House would be insane to appoint Davenport to the Board of Governors. To be sure, adults in the House will stop Dollar’s fanciful delusion. This is just plum stupid.

  3. This is the sort of nonsense that we would have expected out of Dollar’s Morganitte predecessor, David Minor. It is just stupid. Has Dollar been smoking something other than a tobacco product? Minor was constantly boozing, but I have never heard of Dollar having that problem.

  4. Maybe if we’re “nice to Lib Democs then some day they will be “nice” to us. …. Maybe if we cooperate with “the media” then some day they will “be nice” to us ???

    How many years have we been hearing that CRAP? Have LibDemocs or “the media” EVER returned a kindness ??? ……. NO. ….. LibDemocs and media just laff and laff at us. Maybe “this time” it will be different ….. yeah. right!

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