#ncgop: Carolyn Justice, the — um — outsider ?

cjTHAT is what supporters of Carolyn Justice’s reelection effort for state GOP vice-chairman would have you believe.  Yes, the SAME woman who aided and abetted Richard Morgan’s tainted, evil alliance with Jim Black in 2003, and did media interviews lamenting how “Poor Richard” was being treated by conservatives, is claiming to be a grassroots warrior.  (Curtis Wright, Wilmington radio host, likely remembers a few of those media interviews.)

I head from a source who was spun recently by Justice and some of her campaign advisers:

“She told us that the backroom party boys told her, in no uncertain terms, that they were going to destroy her if she dared to run for chairman of the party.  They said vice-chairman was just fine with them.  But, in no certain terms, was she to run for the top job.  They had that already planned out. Carolyn said she went to McCrory and Burr and Tillis and they all seemed to back up that story. She’s talking like they think she’s too uncontrollable — too much of a loose cannon.  The party boys seem to think they can seriously control this Collins guy top-down.”

Justice was announced as part of a ticket with Gaston County’s Craig Collins some days ago.  Cabarrus County businessman Hassan Harnett is already campaigning for state party chairman.   There is a flurry of rumor and speculation that Sixth Congressional District GOP chairman A.J. Daoud will jump in the leadership race.  I am also hearing ONE MORE heavy-hitter name that should throw the establishment for a loop if they step forward.

4 thoughts on “#ncgop: Carolyn Justice, the — um — outsider ?

  1. The very same cast of characters she is now dissing were behind the establishment installing her as vice chairman, something that likely would have flamed out if she had had an active opponent. It looks like there is some dissension within the ranks of the backroom boys and their puppets.

    This woman has never been a grassroots party worker or leader according to all the info she has put out, only an elected official, which is a different kettle of fish. As a legislator for ten years, she had an automatic seat as a voting member of the state GOP executive committee, but never bothered to attend once in that entire ten years. That is what she really thinks of hardworking GOP grassroots workers.

    1. The most memorable quote I ever heard from her was (in the same tone of voice as Hillary’s “What difference does it make?!”) “I can’t believe a bunch of (conservative) people in Western NC oppose Thom for Senate because of some toll roads!!

      Tells me everything I need to know about her.

  2. I am hoping the heavy hitter name is Mattie Lawson! I hope she runs for vice-chair, I know she briefly ran for that office 2 years ago but then pulled out of the race and supported Glen Bradley. Her and Hassan Harnett would make a great team for the NCGOP.

    1. Mattie Lawson, like Carolyn Justice, lacks the level of experience within the party organizations that the party should have in a state vice chairman. Unlike Justice, Lawson seems to actually attend meetings, which is a plus, but not enough to make her state vice chairman material.

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