#ncga: Guess who’s coming to caucus?

(As you know, the GOP House caucus on Jones Street has more moles than a Robert DeNiro look-alike convention. And they’re ALL MINE.)  mole

There was a GOP caucus meeting yesterday, and The N&O was staking it out: 

[…] Gov. Pat McCrory dropped in on the House GOP caucus Tuesday night, with Transportation Secretary Tony Tata and Budget Director Lee Roberts in tow.

McCrory avoided reporters on the way in and out of the caucus room in the legislative building, where he spent about 20 minutes. Tata and Roberts stayed behind for a bit, and then answered several lawmakers’ questions in hushed tones outside the room.

House Speaker Tim Moore said he couldn’t divulge the topic, because what happens in caucus stays in caucus, sometimes. But considering the company he brought with him, it’s a good guess what the governor’s visit was about.  […] 

 You guessed it. Gov. Pat and his team were there strategizing with and selling the honorables on the $3 BILLION worth of borrowing they want the honorables to bless and put before the voters in November.  I talked with one Jones Street insider who saw the governor’s move as yet another finger-poke in the eye of the Senate leadership:

“He’s a moderate, and sees the Senate as the hard-line conservatives. McCrory thinks the key to reelection is showing the voters he’s the voice of rlaugheason against the right-wing knuckle-draggers. The problem is the House NEEDS the Senate to get anything passed.  McCrory has no vote on Jones Street.  Showing up to huddle with Tim, David, Nelson and the boys last night was basically a big middle finger and F-U at Mr. Berger and Mr. Rucho and Mr. Apodaca. Just like when he teamed up with Tillis on the budget during the last session.”

Well, would holding a joint meeting of the two chambers’ GOP caucuses be a little more kosher?  My source says, NO:

”If they got together, the rank-and-file members of each caucus would find out just how much disinformation – -how much lying — has been passed on to them by leadership. Keep the groups separate, filter the information, spin it the way you want, and you keep the scam going. Small groups in each chamber know the truth and control what does and does not happen. This went on big-time under Tillis and is continuing fast-and-furious under Tim Moore.”


2 thoughts on “#ncga: Guess who’s coming to caucus?

  1. So, where are the rank and file so-called conservative party activists on this?

    Covering for the Lt. Governor who supports the governor by his silent complicity;
    Dumping on Senator Berger, the most effective conservative leader in state governor in decades; and just ruining any real chance of effectiveness by constantly seeing the solution to any problem by what they see when they look in the mirror (Roche, anyone?).

    Anyway, it simply isn’t worth any busy person’s time to find common cause with most activists. Rather, just wait and see how things actually shake out when the primaries arrive, make your choices and give your time and talent then. Count me in for Duncan, Curran and for whatever Berger and his senators do!

  2. Typical. The knuckle dragging Tea Party types that gave the Republicans the General Assembly for the first time in 100 years are being asked to sit in the corner and shut up, again. No doubt when the Republicans lose they will blame the conservative base for abandoning them. If the conservatives in South Charlotte, Pat’s town. had been inspired to vote for him he would have been elected governor in 2008. Idiot!

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