#ncga: Great moments in staged photography

Here is a shot of the mailer the GOP state senate caucus’s “affiliated committee” sent out to voters in Moore County:


Notice anything unusual in the main photo?  Senator McInnis is wearing a hard hat.  The guys (and gals) who actually work at the place he is supposed to be touring ARE NOT.

Either we are witnessing a massive OSHA violation (with McInnis being the only one in compliance) or we have another John Kerry “Can I get me a hunting license here?” moment.

In other words, a politician trying really hard to look like Mr. Everyman but really making it crystal clear he is a fish seriously out of water — out of his element. 

3 thoughts on “#ncga: Great moments in staged photography

  1. This reminds me of the Jim Hunt campaign print ad that showed him perched on a tractor appearing to be driving it. Just about every farme3r noticed the oil can sitting over the exhaust (to keep the rain out) and laughed because of the engine had been running the oil can would have been thrown up into the air

    One wonders if McInnis actually sponsored or voted on any legislation on the so-called list of priorities the boys in Raleigh put in his mouth. Probably not.. The Senate is still stalling, for example on the major gun rights bill, and McInnis is just playing go along to get along.

  2. How dare you uppity Moore County people criticize my yellow Playskool hard hat! I paid big bucks for it at Toys R U, just so I could impress those working guys when I toured their plant. Too bad they were all wearing earplugs and couldn’t hear how brilliant I was!

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