GOPe good ol’ boys batter conservative women (Mrs. Nix has NO COMMENT.)

Liberals like to poke at the GOP (and conservatives) as being “anti-woman.” I’m observing some pretty disturbing trends here in 2018 that don’t exactly help refute that charge,

I know of at least three outstanding conservative women on the GOP ballot for the General Assembly this year  —  Michelle Lexo in Senate District 25, Beverly Boswell in House District 6, and Charlene High in House District 110. 

All three are locked in spirited primaries.  All three are being viciously, personally attacked by the GOPe in a manner more severe than I’ve ever seen directed at liberals or Democrats.

Lexo, the incumbent mayor of the Moore County village of Whispering Pines, is regularly attacked by incumbent senator Tom McInnis and his supporters as a “lightweight.”  Never mind her advanced training in the medical field and her career as a senior hospital executive. Never mind that her hometown has experienced some of its most dramatic growth on her watch as mayor. McInnis supporters have worked overtime to paint Lexo as mentally unstable and not very smart.

 Meanwhile, Lexo has compared and contrasted herself and McInnis on the issues:  He supported the HB2 “repeal” / “compromise.”  She didn’t like it.  He supports the tier system in economic development.  She does not.  He supports government subsidies for solar and wind energy companies.  She does not. 

Over on the Outer Banks,  Republican Bev Boswell’s predecessor — Democrat-turned-unaffiliated liberal Paul Tine — got more respect from the boys in Raleigh than she has.  (Tine got to caucus with the GOP, but kept his liberal voting record.  Boswell actually votes in line with the party platform.)

From the very start in Raleigh, Boswell caught grief from the party hierarchy.  Leaks to the Raleigh drive by media paint her as a right-wing kook, and — like Lexo — not very smart.  (Our site has more readers in Boswell’s district than The N&O does.  Yet, The N&O is transcribing and regurgitating a lot of venom toward Boswell  these days.  They are apparently being fed quite well from Jones Street and Hillsborough Street.)  

It’s also no secret that Boswell owes her current primary challenger to GOPe state Rep. Bob Steinburg, a close ally of House leaders seeking to move up to the Senate.

Out west, Charlene High — arguably one of the nicest people you will ever meet — is being savaged by incumbent Kelly Hastings, Speaker Tim Moore’s BFF and carpool buddy, as a troglodyte George Soros plant.  (Never mind that Ms. High is a devout Southern Baptist who has been an active volunteer for years with The Billy Graham organization — *you know, a real hotbed of leftist mayhem.*)

Hastings has questioned High’s sanity and insinuated that she is going door-to-door harassing voters.  (Other sane people call it campaigning.)

Hastings talks a good conservative game, but has a track record of disappearing when it comes time to take important conservative votes.  He’s a dependable vote FOR the government-subsidized solar industry.  Hastings also has a record of paying himself and family members very generously from his campaign funds.

Meanwhile, High talks about a litmus test for her votes that invokes a combination of her Christian faith, her conservative values, and the needs of the folks back home.

This all begs the question:  WHERE is NCGOP vice chairman Michele Nix regarding all this ungentlemanly behavior?