#ncga: GOP House candidate’s ONLY donor so far is a Democrat House member !!!

Some of you may remember our post on Sharon Pearce — the Davidson County Republican seeking to replace Rayne Brown in the state House. Sharon-Pearce-peace-Facebook Curiously, she’s been a frequent donor to major Democrat campaigns. (Even those with Republican opponents.) 

Weeeeeeeell.  It gets worse.  We took a gander at her first and only campaign finance report.  She loaned herself $1000.  But she got a $500 contribution from Wake County representative Gale Adcock (D)who knocked off Republican incumbent Tom Murry in 2014.   (It’s only fair.  Pearce donated to Adcock in her race against Murry.)  On the Pearce campaign report, Adcock is only IDed as an employee of The SAS Institute. 

A donkey in an elephant costume. Heads up, people. 

10 thoughts on “#ncga: GOP House candidate’s ONLY donor so far is a Democrat House member !!!

  1. It’s up to the grassroots of the party to get the word out, let the vetting begin!! We have enough posers already!!!

  2. Sharon Pearce smacks of a House leadership type of recruit. We have seen the House leadership try to impose this type of liberal candidate on GOP voters in the past. How much did Moore, Jeter, and Lewis have to do with this one?

      1. The Raleigh GOP legislative leadership has pushed ”Republicans” who were big time contributors to Democrats for legislative nominations in the past. Maybe you ought to dig a little deeper. Heck, they even pushed one who was a Beverly Purdue airplane provider as well as being a big contributor to Democrats.

        1. I’ll keep digging, I am sure a lobbyist like this can raise lots of money. After what happened last time I doubt the speaker will get involved, don’t know about the others.

  3. Here’s a great reference source http://www.votesmart.org there you can look at the voting record of ANY elected federal house or senate member. Leave no stone unturned, I’m backing Frank Roche against Renee Ellmers. Ellmers campaigned on helping those like my wife an I whose been hurt bad financially by the fraud obamacare. When I contacted her … silence. When I was critical of her on Facebook she took away my 1st Amendment right to free speech by banning me.

  4. I hear that Nurse Pearce also gave money to her Democrat buddy Cal Cunningham in hopes of knocking out U.S. Senator Richard Burr. Seriously. She’s a Cal Pal.

    What is it with blondish RINO nurses who want to be politicians???

    1. Maybe she has the hots for some politician in Raleigh, sort of like that other blondish nurse who is a politician in Washington and Kevin McCarthy?

    1. Emily’s List is not only pro-abortion, but it is also a partisan Democrat organization and ideologically VERY liberal. The Susan B. Anthony List is its conservative Republican opposite.

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